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Creative Carved Pumpkin Ideas

One of the most beloved ways to celebrate a wonderful fall is by carving a pumpkin! Whether you are creating a traditional Jack-o'-Lantern or a monstrous masterpiece, there are countless ways to add some character to a pumpkin with a little creativity and a steady hand. 

Getting inspired to carve a pumpkin of our own, we found some amazing pumpkins carved by masters of the craft. Take a look at these creative carved pumpkins and start carving your own work of art!

  • Pumpkin Pig

    Pumpkin carving master, Ray Villafane never fails to impress with his elaborately carved masterpieces. Ray’s work is so realistic, creative and completely unforgettable, and this piece is no exception! This pumpkin pig has a personality that would scare even the bravest trick-or-treaters.

  • Character Pumpkins

    These amazing pieces were carved by The Pumpkin Geek, who specializes in immortalizing classic characters in pumpkins! The Pumpkin Geek uses a special technique called “4 color carving” to create realistic carvings with beautiful depth and shading, and these pumpkins prove that this method really works!

  • Skeletons in the…Pumpkin?

    Deep within this giant pumpkin, featured on The Fun Times Guide, lives a creepy, spooky skeleton! Lights were added to the skull to create menacing, glowing eyes and strands of pumpkin pulp and seeds add a perfect, gory effect!

  • Cheshire Cat

    This Cheshire Cat pumpkin found on The Fun Times Guide adorably features that mysterious grin and trademark stripes! We love the idea of using multiple pumpkins to build a carved creature like this cool cat.

  • Pumpkin Zombie

    This pumpkin patch has been invaded by a pumpkin-zombie! This is another work of art by Ray Villafane featuring some very expressive pumpkins and a zombie who can barely contain his pumpkin-guts!

  • Pumpkin Carousel

    This pumpkin carousel found on Daily Picks and Flicks is a perfectly sweet and beautiful carving, featuring a propped-up top and elegant details. We just wonder if this carousel plays traditional music box tunes or Halloween favorites!

  • Jurrasic Pumpkin

    This pre-historic pumpkin by Scott Cummins and featured on Pumpkin Gutter is not one to be messed with! This pumpkin is roaring with personality and wonderfully shows that bright glow inside. We just wouldn't be putting our hands anywhere near those teeth!

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