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10 Brazilian Recipes Everyone Should Try

With the start of the 2014 World Cup and the planning of the next summer Olympic games, Brazil is definitely having a moment in the spotlight. While it may be known best for it's vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches, Brazil cuisine is also attracting a lot of attention. 

And for good reason! Whether you're planning a dinner party or simply looking for a new meal to try for yourself, Brazilian cuisine is filled with amazing flavors and delicious ingredients.

As a colorful mix of Portuguese, African and native cultures, it's time to think outside of the mac-and-cheese box and cook up some of these amazing Brazilian recipes! From appetizers to main courses and delicious desserts, this list has got you covered with some of the most amazing must-try dishes. 

  • Feijoada

    Known as the national dish of Brazil, this black bean stew should be the first must-have on your dinner menu. While there are traditional ingredients to this dish, they are many different versions and you can add your own twist with your favorite ingredients.

  • Coxinha

    If you are looking for a delicious appetizer or starter for your Brazilian menu, then these chicken croquettes are the way to go. Filled with chicken, vegetables and cheese, and served pipping hot, these croquettes are very popular with street food vendors and one your guests will definitely enjoy!

  • Pao de Quijo

    While here in the US we may think of bread baskets as including white, fluffy rolls, it is Brazilian tradition to create breads with Cassava (or Yucca root) flour. This Brazilian cheese bread recipe calls for just such ingredients, along with milk, eggs, and grated cheese. The dough is rolled into balls and baked. The end result is a crunchy and chewy combination that everyone will love!

  • Mousse de Maracuja

    For something on the sweeter side, you must try this passion fruit mousse recipe. By blended a few simple and delicious ingredients such as cream, passion fruit juice and whipped cream, you can create an impressive, traditional Brazilian dessert dish.

  • Vatapa

    When looking for the most delicious Brazilian recipes to include on this list, stews seemed to be very common among the most popular dishes. Even with all of those options, this Brazilian shrimp stew stood out as one amazing looking main course. Made with coconut milk, ginger, shrimp and cloves, this is one dynamic dish.

  • Mandioca Frita

    Why make french fries when you could try this delicious fried cassava recipe? Cassava, or yuca, is a root commonly used in Latin cuisine and makes for one delicious side dish. Simple follow the step-by-step preparations and you'll never go back to potatoes!

  • Paçoca

    Craving a sweet and salty snack? With no baking or cooking involved, these Brazilian peanut squares are a simple, delicious candy. The name comes from a Brazilian word meaning "to crumble" and with peanuts, Maria cookies, milk and sugar, these treats are ones that live up to their name.

  • Farofa

    As a companion to your main course, this Brazilian stuffing recipe is a must-have! Bacon, onions, cloves and Tabasco sauce all in the same dish?! Yes, please. Add your own favorite veggies to the mix and you've got one delicious side dish for all of those tasty Brazilian stews.

  • Beijinho de Coco

    I am a huge fan of all things coconut, so when I discovered that this delicious coconut dessert is hugely popular in Brazil, I knew it had to make the list. This simple recipe calls for butter, condensed milk and fresh coconut flakes. A few steps and these guys are ready to serve! I'll take a dozen.

  • Panqueca de Carne Moida

    Now, crepes are ALWAYS a good idea, and savory crepes with meat and vegetable filling? Even better! This Brazilian crepes with meat filling recipe calls for lots of delicious ingredients while still staying fairly simple. Perfect for your next dinner party.

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