10 Cool Halloween Pumpkins to Carve

Carving Halloween pumpkins is fun at any age. While we might have squirmed and giggled as we removed the innards of our pumpkins as kids and rejoiced in our preteens that dad let us help carve with the special knife, we've now moved on to bigger and better designs.

There are some pretty awesome Halloween pumpkins out there and narrowing it down to our favorite 10 jack-o-lantern designs was tough. This roundup includes assorted techniques and skill levels required to craft these featured Halloween pumpkins, but all of our picks are among the ultimate of pumpkin carving.

  • Imagine the cries of fright on Halloween night if you displayed this incredible Medusa Halloween pumpkin in front of your home for trick-or-treaters! It definitely requires time and skill to recreate.

    Image via LogiChaos

  • Think outside the box - or should I say pumpkin? - this Halloween. Don't just carve a face into a pumpkin - find the pumpkin within and embellish the outside of the pumpkin with fun props like spooky eyeballs, wigs and any other accessories you might have!

  • No matter how old we get, this sick pumpkin design always makes us laugh. Simple enough to carve, just save the innards to display alongside the jack-o-lantern to get this look.

    Image via  freeloosedirt

  • Having this head-splitting horror on your stoop this Halloween will be sure to scare away the fainthearted trick-or-treaters, too. Candy seekers- beware! While this next jack-o-lantern gives us chills, it's so impressive that we can't look away. Check out the detail in the sticking!

    Image via Logi Chaos

  • If you have any young daughters, nieces, or granddaughters, impress and delight them this Halloween pumpkin carved to look like a carousel. Halloween doesn't have to be all about spooky!

    Image via The Pumpkin People of Saginaw, TX

  • Star Wars fans have found another way to celebrate the saga at Halloween that doesn't include dressing like their favorite Jedi. Check out this intricately carved Death Star pumpkin.

    Image via Fantasy Pumpkins

  • Put a unique spin on your jack-o-lantern this year by carving out the top of a lopsided pumpkin. Use the stem as a nose and don't go all the way through to give your jack-o-lantern a rotting teeth look.

    Image via Just Short of Crazy

  • Angry Birds might not be the typical jack-o-lantern carving you're used to seeing at Halloween, but this fun design is a perfect one to carve if you're looking to impress your kids.

    Image via MomFinds.com

  • Aren't you glad that the fate of the cheek pinching this holiday has befallen your jack-o-lantern rather than you? Go on, give it a squeeze! This pumpkin may look soft enough to mush in your hands, but it is really just an expertly carved design!

    Image via VillafaneStudios

  • This mischevous  jack-o-lantern utilizes all the fall fruits - gourds, pumpkins, and the cutest baby jack-o-lantern alive - at least for a little while!

    Image via Minimalist Furniture Design

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