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10 Disney Channel Original Movies to Rewatch this Halloween

The 90s were all about funky fresh fashion and boy bands filled with soulful lyrics and eye candy, but what about the movies?! And we’re not just talking about the classics like Fight Club or Pretty Woman, either. We're talking the amazing Disney Channel Original Movies that graced our TV screens and made family movie nights worth having.

If you weren't fortunate enough to have the Disney Channel as part of your cable service during the 90s, chances are you missed out on some AMAZING movies. So this Halloween, get your friends together for a must-watch marathon of the top Halloween themed Disney movies of your childhood.

Pair these with some spooky snacks and creepy cocktails for the ultimate Halloween shindig. And If these underrated Halloween movies don’t satisfy your spook-lust, check out our gallery of top horror movies or kid-friendly Halloween flicks to keep the party going!

  • Halloweentown

    Next to Hocus Pocus, this is my absolute favorite Halloween movie. The sequel is just as good, so fill your night with friendly ghosts and goblins and pop this fun flick into your player.

  • Under Wraps

    Join Harold the mummy and his group of human friends as they embark on an adventure to return the mummy to his sarcophagus before time runs out! Harold s musky odor is popular with the ladies in this fun and quirky Halloween movie.

  • Tower of Terror

    This 1995 thriller was actually inspired by the popular ride at Disney MGM studios in Florida. Take a step into the haunted elevator and be prepared to be transported into the wicked past to a night of glitz, glamour, and a time when Kirsten Dunst was still watchable.

  • Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire

    Before the studly vamps of True Blood, there was Dimitri – the oh-so-suave vampire that Lynette Hanson just couldn't resist. Besides being a hilariously fun film, it features stars from some of the hottest shows of the 90s (The Nanny’s Mr. Sheffield and Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s Hilda) – making this the ultimate must-watch movie for some serious nostalgia.

  • The Scream Team

    This Disney Channel may not be from the 90s, (2002, to be exact) but it’s packed full of spooky laughs that we just had to include it! What would you do if your grandfather’s soul was stolen by an evil ghost? If your answer is muster up the courage to fight off evil and rescue him, then you too can be part of the Scream Team.

  • Step Sister From Planet Weird

    Any movie that ends with an epic battle using a hair dryer is worth watching. Megan Larson’s mother just got engaged to a polite but quirky man named Cosmo Cola. As you may have guessed, his family is far from normal. In fact, they’re from another planet!

  • Don’t Look Under the Bed

    We all know the boogeyman isn’t real.. or is he? Frances Bacon McCausland not only has an awesome middle name, but is also being harassed by the prank-loving monster living under her bed. As with most Disney Channel movies, the ending has an unexpected twist which will fill your heart with happiness and remind you of the power of friendship.

  • Can of Worms

    Be careful what you wish for! In this 1999 film, Mike Pillsbury sends a message into outer space asking to be rescued from Earth. To his surprise, his message is heard by various life forms, who then come down to visit with an offer he CAN refuse.

  • Phantom of the Megaplex

    This kid-friendly film inspired loosely by Phantom of the Opera is a dark mystery that will set the perfect mysterious mood for your Halloween movie night. Join Pete Riley and the rest of the Megaplex gang as they prep for their star-studded movie premiere only to have things go awry thanks to the caped Phantom wreaking havoc.

  • Smart House

    Wouldn’t you love to live in a computerized home that could fulfill all your wants and needs with just a simple thought? This may seem like the dream home until it traps and turns on you.

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