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10 Memorable Hollywood Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa may seem like the sweet cookies-and-milk duo, but aside from having unconditional love for their grandchildren, they often have a secret wild side just waiting to bust out. These Hollywood grandparents choose to keep their wild side not-so-secret, making for one funny yet somewhat dysfunctional family. 

Whether your grandma is like the sweet yet sassy Betty White, or the snarky and unpredictable Lucille Bluth, you can bet she’ll always have the time of day for her favorite grandkids.

The first Sunday after Labor Day is Grandparent’s Day, so celebrate your favorite white haired relatives with a day of homemade food, served alongside a few of your favorite flicks from our sassy grandparents list!

  • The Proposal/Betty White: Betty White’s character as quirky Grandma Annie brought her loveable personality back into the public eye. And while she may play granny on screen, she’s also quickly become America’s grandma.

    Image via Newspaper Rock

  • Arrested Development/Lucille and George Bluth: If Lucille’s snarky comments and judgmental glances don’t have you cracking a smile, perhaps George Bluth’s insightful life lessons will. Remember, there’s always money in the banana stand.

    Image via The Creme

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory/Grandpa Joe: Spending twenty years cooped up in a bed with his fellow grandparents did nothing to break Grandpa Joe’s spirit.  His hilarious commentary definitely adds that extra comedic element to the film.

    Image via Dead On

  • The Simpsons/ Abe simpson: Grandpa Abraham Simpson is full of sentimental stories and life changing advice. Combine that with a hot temper and hate of authority and you have a recipe for T.V gold.

    Image via Cheerall

  • The Cosby Show/Russell and Anna Huxtable: This power duo knew how to bring a feeling of authority and humor into each scene as Cliff’s mom and dad. Fun fact – Bill Cosby named these 2 characters after his real life parents!

    Image via SF Gate

  • Royal Tenenbaums/ Royal Tenenbaum: Okay, so this isn’t your traditional cookies-for-Christmas grandma, but more of a grab-life-by-the-horns grandpa. His grandkids never stood a chance.

    Image via IGN

  • Proud Family/Sugar Mama: Sugar Mama is probably a combination of all the sassiest grandmas in Hollywood. She’s sometimes rough on her son, Oscar, but has no shortage of love and advice for her favorite grandkids.

    Image via Centric T.V

  • Gilmore Girls/Emily Gilmore: It’s no wonder that Lorelei Gilmore can’t help but respond with 80% sarcasm when you take a look at her mother. And while the mother-daughter combo don’t always see eye to eye, Emily knows no boundaries when protecting her only granddaughter.

    Image via Miss MBA Gets Married

  • Family Matters/Estelle Winslow: The original sassy grandma knows she has to be equal parts mother, grandmother, and of course – diva.  Don’t be fooled by her coke bottle glasses and innocent nightgowns, this grandma knows how to get things done.

    Image via Nick at Nite

  • Madea: This fast talking take-no-prisoners granny has no problems showing the world who’s boss – whether it be in the family or the legal system.

    Image via NY Daily News

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