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10 Parties We Wish We'd Been Invited To

Every once in a while, a party comes along that trumps all other parties and lives on in our minds as something legendary. This party might be special for various reasons, however one thing remains the same: It was awesome.

Well, as fun as the parties we've been to may have been, the following 10 parties are so outrageous and outlandish that they put even those most legendary ones to shame. It's really too bad we didn't get the invite!

  • Jay Gatsby's House

    No one in the history of literature could throw a party quite like F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jay Gatsby. His extravagant, lavish soirees, planned out for the purpose of wooing lost love Daisy Buchanan, were the place to be in the (fictional) 1920's. Now, if only we were around back then!

    Image via Telegraph

  • The Toga Party in Animal House

    Okay, so this party didn't really happen. But if you've seen National Lampoon's Animal House, you probably wish you were invited too! The movie popularized the tradition of toga parties, and seemed like a very, very good time.

    Image via Wall Street Journal

  • Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai

    Atlantis, The Palm, located in Dubai, hosted its grand opening in 2008 with a bang. A $16 million bang! That's right, the incredible fireworks display included 100,000 fireworks, and cost $16 million. That's just for fireworks.

    Image via 3D Video Mapping

  • Founding Fathers' Constitutional Celebration

    What better occasion to celebrate in a big way than the signing of our nation's constitution? Two days before that fateful day in 1787, fifty-five delegates, among them Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison, went out for a wild night on the town. Apparently over one hundred bottles of wine were consumed, along with large quantities of whiskey, hard cider, and beer. Additionally, there was a great deal of reported damage to the bar they ventured to, including broken bottles, tables, and even chamber pots!

    Image via NPR

  • Paris Hilton's 21st Birthday(s)

    Turning 21 is meant to be celebrated, and celebrate Paris Hilton did-- with five birthday parties! The wealthy socialite traveled across the world, spanning destinations from New York City to London to Tokyo, hosting another leg of her epic birthday bash in each city. The estimated cost per guest? $75,000. Enough said.

    Image via New York Social Diary

  • Admiral Russell's Fountain Punch Bowl

    Where there's a party, there tends to be alcohol. However, no party featured more alcohol than this 17th century party hosted by British Lord Admiral Edward Russell. Admiral Russell is said to have filled an entire garden fountain with a cocktail, made up of many ingredients including wine and brandy, for his guests. The party lasted for an entire week, at which point the fountain was finally empty. Talk about a hangover!

    Image via Motilo

  • Truman Capote's Black and White Ball

    You can't help but feel the sting of not being invited to a party dubbed "the party of the century." Around 500 guests were invited to the talented Truman Capote's masked ball held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. All of Manhattan's most famous and elite were in attendance, so an invitation meant more than just entry to a fabulous night. Don't worry about not getting on the list, though-- it was all the way back in 1966!

    Image via The Selvedge Yard

  • The Party in Project X

    Project X is a movie that tells the story of the wildest high school party, ever. Although it is fictional, we really wish it were real.

    Image via Collider

  • The Royal Wedding

    The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey was one of the most highly anticipated, hyped-up events of the decade, if not the century. The price of the event, which was declared a public holiday, was upwards of 20 million pounds, with even more spent on security. To the ceremony itself, around 1,900 guests were invited.

    Image via Boston

  • The Sultan of Brunei's 50th Birthday

    It's not every day you turn 50! So seemed to be the mentality of the Sultan of Brunei when he hosted his $25 million birthday bash, complete with a polo match with Prince Charles, and a concert from Michael Jackson.

    Image via The Guardian

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