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10 Wedding Disasters

We all want our wedding to go smoothly. Isn’t that why there are tons of superstitions to keep the wedding from going awry and for the marriage to be long and blissful?

But as we all know, life isn’t perfect. We fall, we cry, we laugh, and sometimes we can’t help but scream. These blushing brides couldn’t help but cry and scream when their special day was ruined, be it from Mother Nature, an unruly guest, or their own mistake. Here are some of our favorite wedding disasters that make us truly thankful it didn’t happen to us. “It’s your wedding, you can cry if you want to!”

  • The title of this video is “My clumsy best man ruins our wedding”. I would HATE to be that best man. Watch as the exchanging of the vows turns into a fancy game of dominoes.

  • Making your grand entrance on horse carriage may seem like a romantic idea, but this bride learns the hard way that you certainly can’t control nature or it’s beasts.

  • This video is titled “Man faints at wedding twice”. It really just looks like he was dozing off from boredom - you’d think after the first time they’d let him sit down!

  • A beach wedding may sound like a good idea, but the ocean can really give you cold feet.

  • It’s official – the desert is the WORST place to have a wedding. Just ask this unfortunate couple who got caught in a dust storm while exchanging their vows.

  • They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. In this case, the bride couldn’t have either.

  • One drunken woman taking down the whole wedding party? Makes you rethink that open bar option.

  • Attempting to save a wedding cake with your mouth? That takes some serious dedication. We give the waiter points for creativity.

  • A word to future brides - the flaming cocktails sound a lot better in theory. This poor blushing bride had to watch her white gown go up in flames.

  • That dog marked his territory before the groom had a chance.  Next time, leave the furry friends at home.

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