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12 Getaways to Escape the Ordinary

Sure the Bahamas boast plentiful beaches and Mexico’s resorts are sure to melt away your troubles, but drinking and relaxing isn’t all vacation is about. (Well, not for everyone!)

If you’re looking for a more unique experience that you can truly call once-in-a-lifetime, here are some extraordinary and beautiful getaways for the perfect vacation or honeymoon.

  • If the generic Caribbean honeymoon isn’t your thing, you may enjoy a trip to one of the ice hotels scattered across the world. Chill out by heading over to one of the ice bars like this one located in Quebec’s Ice hotel. We hope you like your drinks chilled!

    Image via Unique Hotel

  • Stay in an original survival pod from 1972 if you’re not too claustrophobic. The pods may not be luxurious, but those close corners could make for an extra romantic arrangement.

    Image via Unusual Hotels of the World

  • The Cappadocia area of Turkey is filled with beautiful cave hotels all serving guests yearning to live underground. A great combination of  nature, history, and intimacy for a unique honeymoon experience.

    Image via Top Secret Writers

  • If you’re idea of relaxation is digging your hubby in the sand, you’ll love the idea of living in a life size sand castle at this unique Hotel in Dorset, UK.

    Image via Life in the Fast Lane

  • Tree house hotels can be found all over the world, but this unique ‘invisible’ tree house room is hiding in a discreet location in Sweden. The hotel boasts a collection of several unique room designs for the ultimate art and nature buff.

    Image via Tree Hotel

  • This repurposed jail cell in the Karostas Cietums hotel is certainly more chic than it was when it served as a place to hold its prisoners. Your safety is key as the guards kindly handcuff and escort you to your room.

    Image via E-dreams

  • Each guest has a unique experience at the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, where each of its 30 rooms are decorated from inch to inch with a unique theme. Even the beds have their own personalities – from a coffin bed to a levitating bed we doubt you’ve experienced rooms like these before.

    Image via Rafaqat

  • Relive the era of peace, love, and Woodstock at Kate’s Lazy Meadow – a secluded woodsy getaway for those who love art and ‘roughing’ it. The rooms are each decorated with the 1960s rustic charm of the lazy meadows.

    Image via Trip Advisor

  • The 7-story underwater hotel in Istanbul may be a sight to see, but it isn’t the only underwater hotel in the game. Suddenly just swimming with the fishes doesn’t sound like enough.

    Image via Vagabondish

  • If you’re looking for the unique experience of the African safari and wildlife without actually having to rough it in the heat, the Giraffe Manor in Kenya invites local giraffes to dinner without having to give up too much luxury.

    Image via The Luxury Holiday Blog

  • As you may know by now, the ladies of Celebrations love their wine and cocktails! Which is why the De Vrouwe Van Stavoren Hotel in the Netherlands is a must in our book. Sleeping in a wine barrel is definitely something we’ve just added to our bucket list.

    Image via Green Packs

  • It may not be a place to stay, but it’s definitely a place to see. Beautiful is certainly an understatement in the Wisteria Tunnel, located in the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Japan. 

    Image via Stomaster

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