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12 Must-Make Cocktails to Sip This Spring

Totally spring-inspired, these 12 sips are a must make! Drawing from the garden, celebrations and tastes of the season, each of these drinks are special in their own little way ... and they're all delish.

We know that with the arrival of spring and days consistently reaching 60 degrees and warmer you may be tempted to beak out that blender and mix up those frothy drinks that have been missing from your life for oh, so long.

Do yourself a favor: Back away from the blender! If you don't, you'll be missing out on our latest and greatest cocktail recipes.

Don't rush spring; savor and enjoy the sweetness that is the season, cocktail style. Save the pina coladas, margaritas and other island-like cocktail recipes for the real pool days.


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  • If you haven't had the chance to taste the beauty that is rose water, prepare yourself: this subtle yet sweet ingredient takes our cocktail dreams above and beyond. We used rosewater to make a simple syrup for our Apple Rose Fizz Punch. Top with edible flowers and a few other fizzy favorites and you've got the ultimate spring recipe.

  • Don't judge. We're starting our spring cocktail recipe musts with a mocktail - GASP! But people, all a mocktail needs is some vodka and it becomes a...cocktail! This pink berry, fizzy strawberry rhubarb drink garnished with mint is pure spring essence in a glass.

  • Cocktails served in mason jars are a big trend lately and they truly are perfect for spring. Easy to transport, they're the perfect way to toast a picnic lunch in the park, especially if the jar is filled with this spring concoction. Our Purple Haze is sweet, tangy and fresh.

  • Spiked with a bit of rum, some pimms and a bit of spice, this springtime lemonade cocktail is all kinds of sweet and heat in a glass.

  • While many of the drink recipes on our list include herbs on their ingredient lists, none of them bring your garden to your glass like this cucumber dill martini does! Fresh, yet savory, bitter and a bit sweet, too, it's a must try for daring drinkers.

  • OK, we're breaking our own rule and telling you to get the blender ready. But it's only because this Bootleg is so darn yummy and easy if there's a crowd involved. Frozen lemonade, mint and vodka does a spring cocktail make!

  • We literally plopped a flower into the bottom of our glass for this Champagne Hibiscus cocktail recipe. If adding a real live flower to your drink doesn't make you think spring, nothing will! And don't let the flower intimidate you - it's completely edible and pretty darn delish to boot.

  • Another good one for a crowd, this spring cocktail idea comes in punch form. A traditional English favorite, this version of the recipe gets a whole lot of spring infused into it with ingredients like mint, cucumber, oranges and strawberries added to the pitcher.

  • Another of our mason jar drinks, this one will go straight to the gardner's heart. It's a classic gin and tonic recipe spiked with some fresh citrus, which means it's simple, yet satisfying. After a day outdoors, it's the perfect way to kick back and relax.

  • No flowers found in this champagne cocktail, but that doesn't mean it's not spring-inspired. Paired with mandarin oranges, this sweet springtime sip is a simple and classy way to celebrate the season.

  • Perfect for picnics and outdoor eating, an American sunset rounds out our list of 12 must-try spring cocktail recipes. It's fruity, fresh, topped with cilantro and the perfect way to shift from spring to summer!

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