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13 Ideas for a Spooky Friday the 13th

In case you haven’t been paying attention, 2012 is certainly the year of superstitions. Aside from the ongoing zombie apocalypse, 2012 marks the supposed end of the world and the year of multiple Friday the 13ths. In fact, this July 13 will be the third Friday the 13th of the year, and strangely enough they have all fallen 13 weeks apart. Coincidence?

And if you’re still not convinced this date lives up to the hype, consider this: A study done by the British Medical Journal of 1993 found that while more people opt to stay home rather than drive on this dreadful day, there are still more automobile and transport accidents on Friday the 13th.

Whether you believe that black cats are creepy or just misunderstood, there's no denying that superstitions are a part of our every day lives. So this Friday the 13th, celebrate it safely locked in your home with your closest friends chowing down on some dangerously delicious bites and creepy cocktails .

And you can’t forget this holiday’s favorite fan flick! Be sure to have the original Friday the 13th film prepped, along with any of your favorite sequels or remakes. If you’re hosting a party for the kiddies, opt for one of the films on our top Halloween kid friendly movies list.

  • This simple yet chic haunted book cover craft is not only super easy to make, but costs next to nothing. Use any hardcover books you have at home and just cover them with festive wrapping paper !

  • This cute, yet gory blood drops garland is an absolute must for anyone planning a Friday the 13th movie marathon. The touch of glitter makes it a little less scary so your guests don’t get TOO freaked out.

  • Greet your guests with a dark, yet glamorous wreath at the front door to get the party started! Swap the decorative owl with a crow for a truly Poe-riffying (see what we did there?) experience!

  • This bat juice is the perfect mix of sweet, fizzy, and of course – dark. Add vodka for an adult sip or keep the drink kid friendly but equally spooky!

  • The ultimate spooky superstition deserves to be a part of your Friday the 13th celebration. Keep your doors locked, as Mary herself might be tempted to stop by for a glass or two of these Bloody Mary cocktails .

  • Serve this Black Widow cocktail for a truly delicious and spooky spirit. This drink is dark like the bat juice but more boozy for an adults-only party.

  • Guacamole is the ultimate party dip, so we’ve come up with the perfect avocado friendly solution for a spooky soirée. Our Guacamole dip comes in a fancy spider design to really bring the theme together.

  • There are very few occasion when it’s appropriate to eat foods that resemble body parts. As far as we’re concerned, these easy deviled egg eyeballs should be served for any and every spooky occasion.

  • We’ve yet to meet someone who claims to not love mac n cheese – which is why we love serving this dish whenever we get the chance! The plastic spider garnish is just the icing on the cake.

  • Another food shaped like a body part that we definitely recommend trying and serving at your creepy celebration. These witch fingers are super easy to make and fun to eat!

  • These blueberry filled cupcakes have an unexpected squishy surprise inside. The dark color and goeey insides are the perfect spooky snack.

  • For the hostess that likes to add a little sparkle to her spook, these sparkly spider cookies are equal parts glitz and flavor.

  • These eyeball cake pops may look creepy, but we can vouch for their sweet and irresistible flavor. And since they are served on a stick, you can skip the messy cleanup and just eat and toss.

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