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15 Pop Culture Dads We Love

Father’s Day 2012 is Sunday, June 17th, and in honor of the holiday we’ve rounded up the pop culture dads we love to watch. 

Some are obvious mentions, while others may surprise you with their appearance on the list. All of these dads, though, are representative of the many men out there who love, care for and guide their kids through life, no matter how tough it gets.

Did we miss a dad you think deserved a spot on the list? Share in the comments!

  • Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead

    Waking up to a zombie apocolypse is tough. Luckily, Rick Grimes is smart, resourceful and driven. He protects his wife and son no matter the cost - talk about a reliable dad!

    Image via AMC.com

  • Jay Pritchett, Modern Family

    Most would have remembered Ed O’Neill as more of a bum dad from his days on Married with Children, but thanks to the hit sitcom he stars in today, we’ll remember him as the constantly adaptive and always accepting patriarch of a modern family.

    Image via ABC.com

  • Bryan Mills, Taken

    Bryan's daughter hasn't made a relationship easy, but he hangs on and keeps at it despite her rebuffs. When she's kidnapped by human traffickers while on vacation, Bryan turns to his CIA past to save her - he kicks ass and stops at nothing to save her. He's an amazing, protective and resourceful dad to say the least.

    Image via Filmfodder.com

  • Burt Hummel, Glee

    Watching Mike O'Malley's Burt Hummel on the hit show Glee is inspiring even if he doesn't try to make it that way. Burt doesn't have it easy as a single father to flamboyant son Kurt, and he's not always perfect. He's just a dad who wants his son to be happy regardless of his own interests or anything else, which is just what a dad should do.

    Image via Glee.Wiki.com

  • Clark Griswald, National Lampoon's Vacation

    No matter the destination, Clark just wants to celebrate time with his family - even if it includes a lot of unanticipated chaos. He's a pretty level-headed family man, but when pushed beyond patience he'll erupt into some of the funniest tirades ever seen. Even knowing what would await a vacation with Clark, we'd jump at the chance.

    Image via Fanpop.com

  • Carl Winslow, Family Matters

    Carl deserved an award not just for running a family successfully, but for doing so with Urkle in residence. The man has the most patience we've ever seen in a dad - but despite the sheer chaos Urkle brings to the family, Carl ultimately finds a spot for him in his own heart.

  • Cliff Huxtable, The Cosby Show

    We’re fans of Bill Cosby’s Heathcliff Huxtable for so many reasons, but there’s one reason he’s on the top of our list. Cliff was a refreshing dose of dad compared to others portrayed on TV at the time the show ran – he was truly in love and devoted to his family.

  • Jack Arnold, The Wonder Years

    While Cliff Huxtable was expressive and tender in his relationship with his kids, Jack Arnold was the opposite. Often gruff and more serious in his conversations with son Kevin, Jack’s merit as a dad was found in his imperfections and ultimately, as a good role model.

    Image via Snakkle.com

  • Danny Tanner, Full House

    Neat-freak, talk show host and single dad Danny Tanner has a lot of help from his best friend Joey and brother-in-law Jesse, but he's truly the glue that holds his family together. He made a name for himself as a top sitcom dad thanks to the heartfelt message he shared in almost every episode of the show - he's a shining example of dads with the ultimate moral compass!

  • Wayne Szalinski, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

    This movie cemented Rick Moranis as the zany scientist dad we all know and love. He’s smart, funny and devoted to his family, but also makes mistakes (shrinking his kids) and is often mocked for his unusual ways. In the end though, Wayne comes through for his family and proves it’s always best to stand by your beliefs and goals no matter how hard it is to do so.

    Image via Scotsman.com

  • George Lopez, George Lopez Show

    George is just one of those dads you can't help admiring - he's funny, devoted and totally in love with his family no matter how crazy they drive him.

    Image via MSNBC

  • Shrek, Shrek the Third

    Who would've thought Shrek would turn into such an awesome pop? Babies are tough, but ogre babies are even harder to handle. Shrek does so without much finesse, but he makes up for his lack of know-how by being completely in awe of and devoted to his and Fiona's little ones.

    Image via Dreamworks

  • Phil Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    Phil's not technically Will's dad, but he sure steps up and fills the shoes when he's asked to - he's a stand-up guy both in his professional and personal life. Phil's devoted to his children, including Will. He's always pushing them to succeed, protecting them when they're treated unjustly and showing them how to be the best they can be, leading by example.

  • Tim Allen, Home Improvement

    Tim's the type of dad who knows he doesn't have all the right answers. He shows that parenting is a real team effort both with his wife and the friends he leans on for support. Things rarely turn out perfect, but they always end happy.

    Image via NickShell.com

  • Tony Micelli, Who’s the Boss?

    The first real sitcom to reverse the roles of breadwinner and housekeeper, Tony Micelli is a fresh break away from "typical" TV dads. For one thing, he's not married to the woman whose son he cares for, and for another, he never does things the way you'd expect.

    Image via StarWorldAsia.tv

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