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20 Candies from the '80s for a Sweet 30th Birthday Party

The '80s are synonymous with lots of things: leggings, neon, Madonna and, of course, Sixteen Candles. Besides fabulous movies and questionable fashions choices, the decade was also a time of gimmicky candy with unmistakable flavor.

For '80s kids, there's no better way to make turning the big 3-0 a bit sweeter than with some of your favorite childhood candies! Take a look at the top 20 candies from the '80s to add some shuga to your 30th birthday celebration!

  • Candy buttons may not be packed with flavor, but you can’t help but love the fact that you get to eat these candies right off the paper. Cue the sugar rush!

    Image via Be Different Act Normal

  • You probably wouldn’t guess it now, but these candies were named for their original price of a nickel. No point in changing the name though – Nik L Nip sounds so much better than Quarter Nip.

    Image via Bruce's Candy

  • Sure, the mints are tasty, but the real fun is in the quirky metal tins. Unfortunately, you can’t use them to play Super Mario Brothers.

    Image via Geek Alerts

  • A candy that fizzes in your mouth? No wonder this sweet treat is still a hit today. And it’s not just kids who are fans either, check out this fun video of grandma trying Pop Rocks for the first time!

    Image via Slash Food

  • Pretty much a sure way to gain street cred in elementary school, these super sour candies could score you the best seat in the cafeteria.

    Image via Sodahead

  • All the cool kids choose candy cigarettes! These candies may get a bad rep, but we’re pretty sure every kid in the country has puffed on one of these at least once.

    Image via Ego TV

  • Your dentist’s worst enemy – these chewy candies come in a bunch of different flavors and are brightly wrapped. And as any 80s baby knows, this decade was all about color! Have one now, save some for later!

    Image via CBS News

  • Even though these candies don’t qualify as your daily serving fruit, we still like to pretend we are making the healthy choice when eating these. Hey, the bananas taste pretty close!

    Image via Candy Machines

  • It’s too bad fruit stripe gum’s delicious bold flavor lasts a total of about 5 seconds. That’s okay though, because the adorable temporary tattoo wrappers totally make up for it!

    Image via Game Set Match

  • The ultimate candy that you can wear and eat! How many ladies do you know that would prefer a ring pop to a diamond ring?!

    Image via Dangerous and Beautiful

  • Chiclets may have at one point been the household name in gum, but today these colorful candies are usually collecting dust in the checkout lane.

    Image via Dennis Willamson

  • I’ve always believed these candies were named for the fact that you sound like a cow while chewing them. But who could resist this ooey gooey caramel with a flavored center?!

    Image via Goetze

  • I always thought of Bit O Honey as Now and Then’s less sweet, more nutty sister. And since they also come off as a healthier candy option, most kids tend to overlook this honey taffy.

    Image via Village Green

  • This gum may have been introduced to the ball players as a way to kick the tobacco chewing habit, but it’s unique shape and fun packaging made it a hit for the masses.

    Image via Total Pro Sports

  • If Toddlers And Tiara’s favorite hot mess Honey Boo Boo taught us anything, it’s that pixy sticks are a child’s quick fix for a short burst of energy.  Which colored sugar stick was your favorite?!

    Image via Kid's Birthday Party Favors

  • These fun-to-eat candies were more than just a candy, they were collectibles! The best part? Being to save some for later. I wish more candies had that option!

    Image via Throwback Kingdom

  • We know you couldn’t help but feel a slight tinge of jealousy when the kids touring Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory got their hands on an everlasting gobstopper. Luckily, the Wonka factory released a version of this candy for the masses – not quite everlasting, but still tasty!

    Image via Shindigz

  • Say goodbye to the Mike and Ikes you knew as a child, 80s babies! After years of happiness and sweetness, Mike and Ike are going through a very public and messy divorce. Wonder who gets to keep the kids!

    Image via Mom and Popcorn

  • Like the fruit stripe gum, Bazooka often ran out of flavor fast. What the gum lacks in flavor, it gains in novelty with it’s popular mini cartoon strips which explains why even today, Bazooka Joe remains a household name.

    Image via Nina-Lee

  • I think it’s safe to say that every kid has attempted to finish one of these oversized teeth breaking candies. Whether or not they succeeded -  well that’s a different story.

    Image via The Eye Behind The Lense

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