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20 Cupcake Recipes to Try Before You Die

New and creative dessert ideas have been popping up everywhere, from cake pops to CAKE PUSH UP POPS to DESSERTS IN A JAR. And while we love experimenting with these trends and trying out unique recipes and combinations, in our heart we are still loyal to the original bite size treat: the cupcake.

That’s why we’ve set out to find the 20 cupcake recipes that are a must-try to add to our dessert bucket list. We don’t suggest viewing these photos on an empty stomach because you’ll feel compelled to run to the closest bakery before you get to the end!

  • I’ve literally had this recipe bookmarked for months waiting for the perfect opportunity to share it. While I haven’t had the courage to try baking these dessert overloaded treats, I’m hoping one of our talented readers decides to whip up a batch and send them over to the Celebrations headquarters.

    Image via Mel's Sweet Life

  • These lavender blueberry cupcakes smell just as sweet as they taste! The unique blend of herbs and berries is a must-try for flavor seekers everywhere.

  • It took some searching, but I finally found a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake that’s actually made of chocolate cupcake batter. You can bet I’ll be baking these up, if only to eat the batter along the way.

    Image via Recipe Girl

  • Our favorite sweet and seductive cupcakes spiked with a hint of vino. Red wine cupcakes , anyone?

  • While the combination of chocolatey goodness with coconut flavoring isn’t for everyone, those who do enjoy it know a good treat when they see it. And if you don’t enjoy the flavor of coconut, these snowball cupcakes might just be the treat to change your mind.

    Image via Bake It In a Cake

  • Red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting is pretty much the ultimate sweet pairing. But if you’re looking for something even more rich and irresistible, stuffing your red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese will do the trick.

    Image via Lick The Bowl Good

  • The secret of these cupcakes is in the frosting! Using the irresistible peanut butter flavors from Peanut Butter & Co, our editor Melissa created a peanut butter graham cracker frosting to make the senses sing.

  • When done right, the combination of sweet and salty is an unstoppable duo. Which is why this salted caramel cupcake recipe is on my cupcake bucket list.

    Image via Brown Eyed Baker

  • Heath bars may not be my candy of choice, but these heath bar cupcakes look absolutely irresistible. Now for the hard part – do you eat them in one bite or piece by piece?

    Image via My Baking Addiction

  • If there’s one thing I can’t handle, it’s too many choices. So as the temperatures get hotter, and I’m forced to decide between ice cream or cupcakes, my decision is simple: combine them! And thankfully, these ice cream cupcakes do just that.

  • While I usually spike my coffee with chocolate liqueur, I bet spiking my cupcakes with coffee would be just as good (maybe better?)!  And the espresso butter cream frosting? Well that’s just the icing on the cupcake.

    Image via The Baker Chick

  • If you prefer a vanilla brew to a chocolate one, then these vanilla latte cupcakes are your go-to bucket list dessert. These tiny treats are topped with a real espresso bean for a truly authentic flavor.

    Image via Annie's Eats

  • If your idea of an ideal dessert includes a tangy flavor that leaves your mouth begging for more, you’ll want to make extra batches of these tangy lime cupcakes .

  • If lava cake is on the menu, you can bet I’ll be ordering it! That’s why I just had to have these chocolate cupcakes with molten centers on my cupcake bucket list. I’ll bring the milk, if you bake the cupcakes!

    Image via Living Young Wild Free

  • Creamsicles are the ultimate sunny day treat. Now that we’ve baked them into creamsicle cupcakes , you can enjoy the bold and creamy flavor year-round!

  • Doesn’t the word soufflé just sound fancy and delicious? Well, we can’t speak for all soufflés- but we can say these chocolate soufflé cupcakes are a must for dessert fanatics!

  • Did you know that you can use soda as an substitute for oil and eggs in boxed cake mix? And since using soda in your recipes is super trendy this year, there are tons of delicious soda based dessert recipes floating around. I like to stick to the classics, so I’ll definitely be trying these coca cola cupcakes this summer.

    Image via A Cozy Kitchen

  • You can’t tell from the photo, but these cupcakes are actually stuffed with mint Oreos! Kind of like those chocolate mint candies grandma always has in her candy bowl - but better.

    Image via The Cake Blog

  • It’s no secret we’re obsessed with spiking our food – from marinades to desserts we just can’t help but add a little bit of booze to the batch. Which is why these mojito cupcakes are a MUST on our list.

    Image via Brown Eyed Baker

  • I don’t know which title makes this dessert sound better - Cheesecake in a cupcake or flavor bomb. Either way, I’d rather skip the over thinking and get straight to the tasting!

    Image via Instructables

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