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8 Fun Cocktails to Sip on While Watching Your Favorite TV Shows

Sure, watching your favorite TV shows alone is enjoyable enough; but when you watch with your friends, it becomes a much more fun and social activity. Throw in some yummy cocktails, and you've got yourself a party!  

Next time you get a group together to watch your go-to show, get a little creative. We've compiled a list of eight of our favorite drink recipes inspired by some of the best shows on television right now. Try them out yourself, and enjoy!

  • How I Met Your Mother

    Our favorite group of friends-- Barney, Lily, Marshall, Robin and Ted-- spend a large portion of their time drinking beer at the fictional MacLaren's Pub. To get in the How I Met Your Mother mood, you could just drink some beer, OR you could mix things up a little with this Spicy Beer Cocktail!

  • Glee

    It seems like not an episode of this musical TV show can go by without one of the members of The New Directions getting "slushied." Well, this Blue Lemon Martini looks a lot like a slushie and also happens to be delicious. Just don't throw it any of your friends' faces!

  • Homeland

    Homeland is one of the most exhilarating shows on television right now. Almost every week, it leaves us on the edge of our seat, counting down the minutes until next Sunday. It also leaves us feeling very patriotic (not to mention wanting to go join the C.I.A.) To celebrate those patriotic feelings, sip on this Patriotic Berry Punch the next time you watch!

  • Revenge

    On ABC's Revenge, there always seems to be a very fine line between good and evil. Serve up these Good vs. Evil Sparkling Wine Cocktails at your next viewing party, and let your friends decide!

  • Grey's Anatomy

    On Grey's Anatomy, Meredith Grey's go-to solution after a hard day is simple: shots of tequila. This might be a bit aggressive for your weeknight TV-watching get-together, so instead try this Traditional Margarita with a Twist! Of course, since this is a margarita, there will still be tequila involved.

  • Modern Family

    If you're watching Modern Family with your very own modern family, serve this Sparkling Apple-Ginger Mocktail, which is kid-friendly and will allow everyone to feel included.

  • Dexter

    No explanation necessary for why this delicious Red Hot Cider is perfect for a Dexter viewing.

  • 30 Rock

    As you may know, Liz Lemon's drink of choice is white wine served with ice cubes and Sprite-- a little treat she likes to call "Funky Juice." However, this drink is definitely not for everyone. Instead, we give you the Lemon Drop Martini, a more tasteful homage to our favorite woman on television.

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