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8 Papers to Turn into Envelopes

It’s become a rare occasion for me to come home and find anything but bills or brochures in my mailbox. However, when I open my mailbox and discover a hand written note waiting for me, I get excited. There’s just something special about a letter nowadays that makes me smile!

With that feel-good notion in mind, and having fun with my new Kreate-a-Lope tool, I’m trying to send more notes of my own to the people in my life this spring to share the smiles I enjoy so much. While the notes themselves don’t have to be anything fancy, these can’t be ordinary letters - they have to be special! So, I’ve got 8 ways to turn everyday papers you probably have lying around your hose into creative handmade envelopes. No matter the note you place inside, I guarantee your letter will be extra special thanks to them!

  • Though digital readers may have reduced the amount of magazines you now have lying around the house, we bet you'll find at least a few collecting dust somewhere. Magazines offer some of the more eclectic mixes for envelopes and look great when topped off with a clean address label.

  • Newspapers are always easy to find and we really love the look they offer when folded into envelopes.

  • Children's books often have some of the prettiest illustrations and the paper quality is also perfect for making envelopes. A stack of these handmade envelopes make for a lovely gift for grandma or mom.

  • If, like us, you always seem to have a strip of wrapping paper leftover from a roll, you'll love this idea. We used a Kreate-a-Lope to make lots of envelopes from wrapping paper and they turned out really pretty.

  • The same idea was used with our leftover gift bags - too wrinkly to reuse, but the perfect style for some handmade envelopes! This paper was nice and sturdy to send out in the mail, but because of that it took a little extra effort on our part to cut the edges cleanly.

  • If you have a musician in your home who's willing to part with some sheet music, we highly suggest crafting envelopes from the paper. The note paper offers an elegant and vintage feel to your envelope that truly makes it special.

    Image via Okio B Designs

  • Gone are the days when you need a paper map and if you've got an old one lying around, we suggest upcycling it into eye-catching envelopes.

    Image via Pinterest

  • We love this idea of using brown packing paper and scrapbook paper to create custom lined envelopes. Just use your Kreate-a-Lope to cut both sheets and glue the scrapbook paper to the brown paper, then fold! We bet you could use brown bags from the grocery store to achieve the same look, too.

    Image by Suzi Land

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