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Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Just because you don't go trick or treating anymore doesn’t mean you can't still have some fun dressing up in some of this year’s trendiest and most creative costumes.

The best part? Most of these can be easily put together with some digs from your closet and a little bit of makeup!

Taking some inspiration from this year's trends and top Hollywood hits, we've put together a list of our favorite Halloween costumes.

  • Double, double toil and trouble, these witches are back, and better than ever. Grab your 2 besties and spook the town with this fun costume!

    Image via Coolest Homemade Costumes

  • If you don’t feel like going full out for Halloween, but want a killer costume being a scarecrow is just for you. All you need is a good coat of makeup, and a straw hat to let everyone know what you are.

    Image via Google Images

  • You don’t have to be Ariel to be a sea creature. These gals sported their summer bathing suit tops and a sequin skirt to keep the summer around for just a bit longer!

    Image via Total Frat Move

  • You and your guy can be the quintessential couple this year taking it back to basics with Barbie and Ken. With Barbie the possibilities are endless, flight attendant, gymnast, president, work out…

    Image via National Post

  • Take one from Kim K’s book and doll yourself out as the red haired vixen, Poison Ivy. Head out side to find some key points to your costume, light your hair on fire (with red hair dye of course) and take the night!

    Image via US Magazine

  • If your Halloween is going to be spent with the kids, as opposed to the gals, this costume could be an adorable one for the books. Dress your kids as hungry sharks and yourself wrapped up with bandages. We’re sure your little ones will take a bite out of you whenever they see you all night long.

    Image via Be Fickle

  • Sexy and super trendy, catwoman is the ultimate Halloween costume. The summer release of the latest Batman film was a global hit, and we have a feeling this seductive suit will be an even bigger hit at your party.

    Image via National Post

  • Take a step back into the roaring 20s by taking a cue from Leonardo Dicaprio and dressing to the nines as Gatsby himself. You may already have the basics for this costume hanging in your closet, so get your best suit dusted off and ready for a night of 1920s fun.

    Image via Jezebel

  • If you’re accompanying Gatsby or heading to the party with your fabulous self, channel your inner Daisy Buchanan by dressing like a traditional 1920s flapper.

  • The ongoing bath salt zombie apocalypse is sure to make it’s way into the Halloween market this year, so we can guarantee you’ll be seeing dozens of walking dead roaming around this October 31.

    Image via Crystal Kiss

  • This year, rockabilly is making it’s way into fashion trends and we have a feeling we’ll see the original power-woman making her way into Halloween trends, as well. Play pin-up or dress like Rosie in her original red-banana-blue-jeans outfit to complete this look.

    Image via The Fashionable Feminist

  • The Hunger Games fire isn’t going out any time soon! We’d prefer to sport Katniss’ neutral yet feisty gear, but if you’re feeling creative you can choose to dress up like your favorite colorful characters from the Capitol.

    Image via Deviant DIY

  • When all else fails, dressing like your favorite cartoon couple is always in style! If going in a group, you can even represent the rest of The Simpsons clan.

    Image via My Disguises

  • The vampire trend may be not be for everyone, but with the last installment of Twilight coming out this year, and True Blood carrying a fan base seems to continue to grow, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a number of caped creatures roaming around come Halloween.

    Image via Squidoo

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