Autumn Wreaths

Autumn is so chock full of inspiration, fun celebrations and gorgeous hues and textures that it's difficult sticking to one decorating route. This is particularly the case with my autumn wreath I like to craft each year.

Luckily, there are plenty of ladies out there in Web-land sharing their DIY autumn wreaths and I've rounded up some of my favorite finds. It's an eclectic round-up in terms of looks, but all of these pretty wreaths have a few things in common: they're repurposed, they're budget-friendly and they capture the season in its entirety so well that they're perfect for hanging all season long.

  • Believe it or not, this autumn wreath is made with lots of paper plates. It's such an elegant design and can be customized to fit whatever color scheme you want so you're not confined to the typical orange and black. I also love how easy Jenn's tutorial is to follow.

    Image via Blue Sky Confections

  • Like Melissa says, you can buy this wreath for $100, or you can follow her no-fuss tutorial and take the DIY approach for a festive autumn wreath that's a fraction of the cost. Simple enough for the busiest of hostesses to craft, this wreath makes a gorgeous display throughout the entire fall season.

    Image via 320 Sycamore

  • If, like me, you find yourself with more wine corks than you'd care to admit you have, this is a perfect project to tackle. Autumn is the big harvest season and that includes wine - which we all love to enjoy, right? Sip on a glass as you admire this simple, yet totally gorgeous autumn wreath above your mantle.

    Image via Cathie Filion

  • Coffee filters NEVER looked so stunning. I seriously had to do a double take before I could believe something so ordinary could be transformed into something so gorgeous. Not only is this autumn wreath a nifty use for your coffee filters, but you can customize the colors for the fall season so you can enjoy it for months!

    Image via Lovely Crafty Home

  • As a kid I collected pine cones and dumped glitter on them, but as an adult I think I'll go with this chic branch autumn wreath. I absolutely adore how this decoration captures the crisp fall sunshine I love so much, and it's not a super challenging wreath to DIY, which makes me love it even more.

    Image via Yellow Mums

  • While the rest of our autumn wreaths capture a more natural look, be it in hue or texture, this next wreath from Taterots and Jello throws all that out the window. The chevron pattern is a big trend this fall and while it adopts the classic orange and black color pairing, it doesn't scream Halloween so much that I wouldn't leave it hanging after the holiday. Now, if I could just get that gorgeous door to go with it...

    Image via Tatertots and Jello

  • Jacki's autumn wreath will cross seasonal boundaries without you having to blink an eye - or swap out little embellishments. The DIY felt flowers (she has a great how-to for these!), berry branches and classic fall colors bring the wreath from early fall to Thanksgiving so elegantly.

    Image via Crafting Mom

  • Candy corn only comes around once a year, so I say, take advantage! While I can't stand the taste of these popular treats (sorry!), I do love their colors. This wreath is another one of those almost Halloween decorations, but so cute and well done that it can endure the entire season.

    Image via Sevin Family

  • Have a box or draw full of ribbon scraps you need to find a use for? This final autumn wreath is the simple answer. I love how rustic and comforting this decoration is - it's truly the perfect way to welcome guests.

    Image via LDS Craft Project

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