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Simple and Spooky Ideas for the Ultimate Halloween Party

There's no holiday that's quite as fun or quite as easy to get creative with as Halloween. It's the time of the year when we're not afraid to get a little sillier or think a little too much out of the box.

We've got some amazing ideas using just a few key tools and products. You don't need to break the bank to have a super-impressive Halloween party, just a little creativity!

  • Add some creepy cool fun to your Halloween party with basic party supplies. We've crafted up quite a bit of silly and spooky inspiration for your Halloween party using just a skull and cross bone ice mold, cake pop sticks, googly candy eyes and a basic carving kit.

  • Bone Chiller ice cube trays are perfect for dressing up Halloween cocktails. We've got 10 spiked sips to spook guests that will impress, but when you add in the ice, they'll really chill you to the bone!

    Get your own Bone Chiller Ice Cube Tray here .

  • Use googly candy eyes and sticks to craft some cute Halloween treats! We've got quite a collection of 15 Halloween foods you can make with these basic baking tools to inspire your party menu.

    Make sure you've got your googly eyes and lollipop sticks to DIY.

  • Carving a pumpkin just once a year means, like us, you'll probably need a refresher course to get the perfect jack-o-lantern look. Here are our tips to carve a perfect Halloween pumpkin every time!

    Order a carving kit here to make sure you're ready to craft the perfect jack-o-lantern this Halloween.

  • Yea, I guess you could just carve a basic jack-o-lantern, but why not get ambitious? Our gallery of 10 totally creepy cool Halloween pumpkins should inspire you to get a bit more creative with your carving kit!

  • We love this fall leaves card from Ruff House Art .  The perfect excuse to send some spooky snail mail (or of course a friendly hello)! 

  • There's no easier Halloween party favor than candy, but skip the store-brought stuff - everyone will have enough of that by the time October is over. Instead, use your Bone Chiller ice mold to make some homemade candies, then pack them in a basic clear bag and secure with a sticker.

  • Those googly candy eyes are a fun way to embellish Halloween glasses - just dap the backs with a bit of melting chocolate and press to a glass. They'll give kid drinks a bit of extra creep, but will remove quite easily when the party is over.

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