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Craziest Cocktails from Around the World

Here in the U.S, chances are your go-to cocktail is a simple mix of vodka and OJ or maybe a light gin and tonic. Around the world, distillers are mixing up some unique cocktails that are a blend of their favorite liquor and some not so traditional ingredients.

We’re not sure we are ready to try a cocktail using snake rice wine, so we’ll stick to sharing some of these wild drinks for those daring few. And hey, the cricket cocktail is served just a few blocks away from the Celebrations headquarters, so maybe we’ll get the guts to try it one day!

  • Scotland: Squirrel Ale

    We’ve heard of people stuffing their pets, but stuffing their road kill? Scottish company BrewDog packages the world’s ‘strongest beer’ in a unique furry friend.

    Image via MSN

  • Vietnam: Snake Rice Wine

    Cobra may not be on the list of most appetizing reptiles, but this popular Vietnamese drink certainly attracts a lot of attention. Don’t worry, the alcohol counteracts the snake’s venom­ so you can safely sip on this strange drink.

    Image via Daily Mail

  • USA: Cricket Cocktail

    The Pina-Colada-like cocktail called “summer” served at White & Church in NYC may sound like a harmless tropical drink, but it’s unique bamboo and cricket garnish make for a more daring drink. The bar also gladly serves a shocking ‘blue velvet’ cocktail, garnished with scorpion for an extra kick.

    Image via NY Post

  • Arctic Circle: Seagull Wine

    Besides being incredibly shocking, this DIY brew will cost you close to nothing. The recipe? Stuff a dead seagull with a bottle of water. Let it ferment and soon enough you’ll have a boozey bottle of wine. Hey, it’s one way to warm up in that frozen tundra!

    Image via Telegraph

  • England: Scorpion Vodka

    The Queen may prefer a glass of gin and tonic, but we’re sure she’s tried her country’s more unique liquor at least once – vodka infused with a real life scorpion. The scorpion also happens to be edible for those with a truly daring flavor pallate.

    Image via Luxirare

  • Southeast Asia: Snake Blood Wine

    Like the Vietnamese, the Chinese believe in using the snake’s countless health benefits to their advantage. The result? A creepy concoction using snake blood and wine!

    Image via Formosa Travel

  • South America :The Pisco Sour

    Peru’s favorite cocktail combination? Pisco with a little lemon juice, a few drop of syrup and of course an egg white! A unique mix of flavors for the cocktail connoisseur.

    Image via CLT Tampa

  • Russia : Horseradish Vodka

    Horseradish and vodka are pretty much staples on the Russian menu. So we’re definitely not surprised that they have found a way to combine these two favorites into one boozy bottle.

    Image via Gazeta

  • Belarus : Bison Grass Vodka

    While here in the U.S, grass is pretty much the last plant we’d think to use in our cooking or cocktailing, the Białowieża Forest grows a unique buffalo grass the locals use for distilling.

    Image via A Cooky Cat

  • Poland : Oak Tree Vodka

    If grass can be used in vodka, why can’t trees?! Utilizing one of earth’s natural giants makes sense in the woodsy areas of Poland, and these Eastern Europeans know a thing or two about vodka.

    Image via Polyvore

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