Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives

Just because you don't have a Christmas tree doesn't mean you can't replicate a Christmas tree display.

Sound strange? There are plenty of ways to create a beautiful DIY display that resembles a Christmas tree through its shape and spirit. An alternative tree display is perfect if you would prefer a change from tradition or simply don’t have the space for a full tree.

If you don’t want to replace your traditional tree, you can set up an additional creative tree display as just another way to enhance your Christmas decorations! Get inspired by our favorite ways to create an alternative Christmas tree display and start crafting up your own for the season.

  • Arrange Christmas cards into the shape of a tree to make a wonderfully festive display like these seen on Home Life and DIY Show Off. This is a perfect way to display your Christmas cards and they're easy to arrange!
  • Create red fabric rosettes and arrange them around a cone to create a beautiful tree like this one found on Bored and Crafty, or arrange colorful paper rosettes to create a tree like this one seen on Cricut! Top your tree with a bold gold star as the perfect finishing touch.
  • Create a mobile of Christmas ornaments to make this gorgeous display like these seen on Not Martha! This Christmas display is wonderfully festive and can be personalized using your own favorite ornaments and colors.
  • Draw a Christmas tree onto a chalkboard wall, or thick fabric coated in chalkboard paint to create simple and beautiful chalkboard Christmas displays like these found on Shannon Berrey Design Blog and A Legg Up! These displays are elegant, creative and require hardly any space!
  • Bake tree shaped gingerbread cookie pieces and assemble them into these adorable gingerbread trees seen on Not Martha! Add a simple coating of white sprinkles along the edges of these cookies to create some perfectly sweet snowflakes.
  • Cut circular pieces of felt and assemble them around a cone to create this simple and sweet Christmas tree seen on Papier Valise, or make a flat, full sized and kid-friendly tree to pin to the wall like this one found on Teach Love Grow! Create accents with beads or fabric paint to add some color and glitz to your adorable display.
  • Cover cones in fabric or ribbons to create these decorative Christmas trees! Use patterned fabric to create a tree like these seen on The Creativity Exchange, wired ribbons to create one like these found on Sparkle Pants Girl or add small decorations, tinsel or confetti to simple fabric to create a beautiful display.
  • Carefully stack books into the shape of a tree to make a beautiful display filled with words of wisdom and Christmas cheer like these found on Instructables and Juniper Books! Top your display with your favorite tree topper and cover it in tinsel or decorations to complete this alternative tree.
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