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Creative Triscuit Appetizer Ideas

Crackers are a classic way to serve elegant party appetizers to guests, but there are some, we've found, that are just better than others. While popular butter crackers may be delicious with a slice of cheese, it's tough pairing them with any other ingredients. They're also pretty high in calories for such a small bite!

Enter Triscuit. They've got a great crunch, like any good cracker should have. They're tasty, without being too flavorful that they overpower other ingredients or downright prevent you from using whatever is in your pantry. Plus, they're sturdy, which means you have a lot more options when it comes to toppings.

For a party, I put together a few Triscuit appetizers that were a far cry from the typical or expected slice of cheese bite people are so used to. I tried to get as creative and varied with each approach all while using what I already had stocked in my cupboards (and fridge) from the holiday celebrations.

I have to admit, I was surprised when all my guests declared they loved every. single. one. Because I did get a little inventive with a few. Guess that just proves Triscuits are the perfect appetizer ingredient for any palate!

  • Tropical Triscuit

    Our first Triscuit appetizer takes a tropical turn. When I thought about the least likely flavor I'd expect to find paired with the crunchy, wheaty cracker, pineapple jumped to mind. I'm weird, I know, but thank me because this sweet combo of pineapple, red onion, carrot and cilantro works incredibly well with the warmer, savory cracker. Just chop it all up, toss together and top your Triscuits!

  • The Meat Lover's Triscuit

    We've reinvented our favorite skinny buffalo chicken recipe yet again and topped our Triscuits with it for an appetizer meat-lovers will really appreciate. The spicy chicken gets a creamy and savory flavor added to it with the sprinkled blue cheese and a freshness thanks to the chive. And the sturdy Triscuit is the ideal base for such a hearty bite.

  • Dieter's Delight

    This low-cal Triscuit is topped with Greek yogurt, sliced cucumber, sliced cherry tomatoes and feta cheese crumbles. It was the impressive winner at our party for best tasting. Everyone loved it and had no idea how healthy it actually was!

  • Pizza, Pizza Triscuit

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, everyone still loved this appetizer, but new before they bit into it that it was no diet-friendly choice. We spread tomato sauce on the garlic flavored Triscuit crackers, sprinkled with a mozzarella and parmesan combo, then topped that with sliced black olives and toasted in the oven. Delicious! And you can customize your topping to fit your preference.

  • Dessert Triscuit

    OK, this technically isn't an appetizer at just any party, but imagine a desserts-only soiree? Any excuse you can make to eat this sweeter bite, do so. I sandwiched some Nutella and sliced banana between two classic Triscuits and I was pleasantly surprised with how yummy it was!

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