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Cute Cupcakes to Celebrate With

No matter the shape, size, flavor or style, cupcakes have a way of making a celebration special.

We've amassed quite the collection of recipes for this sweet dessert, too. We've got classic cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cupcake pops, cupcake push pops, cupcakes in jars, cupcakes on kebabs and big cake cupcakes!

We have easy to make cupcakes, easy to eat cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, s'mores cupcakes, cocktail inspired cupcakes and cupcakes that don't look like cupcakes, but are.

See? It's so easy to get creative with cupcakes and make them part of a party. They're perfect for customizing events since they're small and can be made in so many different ways.

So take a peek at our top 20 cupcake ideas!

  • Kicking our slideshow off are these fun tie-dye cupcakes. These cupcakes are so easy to make even the littlest party guest can decorate them! Check out our easy tie-dye cupcake how-to!

  • Still keepin' it simple, we've got a basic vanilla buttercream cupcake you're going to love. Combining a little homemade with a little store-brought these cute cupcakes taste absolutely delish and will be a hit with even your most pickiest guest.

  • If you haven't heard, the latest and greatest, though still super simple, way to serve cupcakes is in a jar. We're not sure where this idea sprouted, but we love how fun it is that you can actually see the cupcake, not just the icing with cupcakes in a jar. Get creative with cake and makes some of your own!

  • Kids particularly will go crazy for these cotton candy cupcakes. The fluffy candy topping is a just-as-sweet alternative to the usual frosting. Try making a batch of these to surprise the kids on a Friday after school to celebrate a successful week and a fun weekend ahead!

  • We whipped up these s'mores cake balls last summer (totally spur of the moment) and fell in love. If you ever have the opportunity, make these people! They are SO scrumptious. In fact...I may make them tonight. My tastebuds are remembering...

  • Talk about tiny cute desserts! Mini cupcakes are an adorable addition to celebrations involving baby. Keep them simple and guests won't stop popping them into their mouths.

  • Even the simplest of cupcakes are transformed with creative frosting techniques. Use a buttercream icing to test out some design ideas with your pastry bag set like we did to make these spring flower cupcakes.

  • Jazz up your basic yellow cake recipe from the box with this tasty frosting recipe. Infused with orange and ginger these easy cupcakes  are a treat for your party guests at dessert - particularly after enjoying a Chinese dinner!

  • Ever have a cupcake that didn't quite look like a cupcake? We have! There's something about getting creatively crafty with cupcakes that makes them so much fun. Try whipping up a batch of these mini hamburger cupcakes that look like a grilled dessert, but aren't, at your next summer party.

  • You could serve a whole meal with cupcakes! Check out these cute pizza cupcakes. Really make them stand out by crafting an easy pizza style box to display them in.

  • Falling into that category are these healthy cupcakes. Yes, we said it, healthy cupcakes! You see, they aren't really made of cake. That's why they're so good for you. Check out the recipe for watermelon slice cupcakes the next time you're watching your sweet intake. They won't disappoint!

  • These red velvet blueberry filled cupcakes are decadent and gorgeous looking, but so easy to do at home. Stuffing a cupcake is a quick way to add a burst of fresh taste to your dessert!

  • Cocktails and cupcakes - sounds like a big kid's party dream, right? We made some pina colada cupcakes a while back and they remain one of the most asked for at any party we go to. Omit the rum to make this a kid-friendly cupcake!

  • Though we're sure the guys will enjoy the pina colada cupcake, too, they'll definitely be impressed when you offer them a chocolate Guinness cupcake. Rather than fighting to overpower one another in a flavor war, the chocolate and Guinness work together to create a unique explosion of flavor in your mouth.

  • Every year we make these pink lemonade cupcakes to raise money for breast cancer. A light, slightly sour cake paired with a sweet sugary frosting these cupcakes are real satisfying treat. They also work perfectly for any pink themed party - baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays and even charity events!

  • Talk about cupcakes matching a theme - we just had to share these. Tiffany's Box Engagement Cupcakes. See, a little creativity goes a long way! These cupcakes are your basic chocolate and vanilla, but when set in a unique blue box and topped with a faux engagement ring they become something entirely special!

  • You're thinking, snow cones? What are they doing in this slideshow?! Well, to tell a secret, these aren't really snow cones! They're cupcakes in disguise. Check out these fun summer cupcakes and how to make them!

  • We just love eating cupcakes in fun new ways. These banana minis are stuck on a stick to create a cupcake kebab dessert you can eat anywhere without causing a mess! Love them for a BBQ.

  • The cupcake trend sweeping the nation right now - cupcake push pops! We remember when these containers held fruity ice cream, but boy do we adore this new innovative way to serve cupcakes. Check out the how-to for cupcake push pops.

  • Create a layered look with your cupcakes and top with a few candies to add a special touch to an easy dessert. They aren't hard to make and the layered look adds a real wow factor to your sweet treat. We made these Candy Corn cupcakes for Halloween, but follow the directions to inspire a cupcake for any celebration!

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