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Decadent Dessert Hybrids

Since we are in the midst of the cronut craze we thought it was necessary to check out some other dessert hybrids that are just as decadent and available to make in your own home.

Summer is the perfect time to experiment in the kitchen and what better place to start than with desserts. Try mixing some of your favorite treats together in ways you never thought possible. The most popular example this summer is Chef Ansel’s Cronut. New York City is buzzing with excitement over this new dessert hybrid. This little pastry has such a big flavor that people will line up for hours just to taste it.

This mixture between a doughnut and a croissant led us to think about other desserts that can be made even more delicious when paired together. From cake pops to hot cocoa cookies there is a decadent dessert that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

  • Toaster Tart Pops

    If you tend to grab a pop tart, try swapping it for one of these toaster tart pops instead. These pops are a combination of pop tart and lollypop, two things every child loves. In today’s quick moving world moms are always hunting for that tasty, yet simple treat to give their kids before school. Made from fresh cherries and frozen pie crusts, these pop tart lookalikes are healthier and delicious.

  • The Cronut

    This incredible hybrid between a doughnut and a croissant has become the most sought after treat in Manhattan. The flaky layers on the outside paired with the creamy filling on the inside has people lining up outside Chef Ansel’s small Soho bakery.

  • Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls

    For this recipe just take regular cinnamon rolls, add tiny pieces of cake batter into the dough, then roll. If you love traditional cinnamon rolls and want to give them a whole new flavor than try out this delectable dessert hybrid. Even the icing is cake batter flavor!

  • Nutella French Toast

    Now your favorite hazelnut filling isn’t just for desserts. Stuff your child’s french toast with nutella to give it an extra boost of flavor (and sugar). You can also fill the French toast with layers of nutella, instead of adding the typical syrup. This can be a great weekend treat that your child can even help you create.

    Image via The Kitchen is my Playground

  • Oreo Cheesecake Pops

    Foodbeast has created these scrumptious Oreo cheesecake pops. Just mix Oreos and cream cheese to create the rich cake inside these pops. This dessert hybrid is so simple with only three ingredients needed.

  • Hot Cocoa Cookies

    Could anything be better? Now this amazing winter drink is transformed into a cookie. Gooey marshmallows on top and melted chocolate seeping out the center makes this cookie a must have. You can either make your own cookies or use frozen cookie dough, but no matter what you choose these hot cocoa cookies will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face.

  • Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar

    While this isn’t a DIY exactly, it is an interesting concept. Now you never have to make that hard decision: salty or sweet? This chocolate bar is loaded with that salty potato chip flavor mixed with the rich and creamy chocolate blend of Chuao Chocolatier.

  • Doughnut Macaroons

    Raspberri Cupcakes created a mixture of doughnuts and macaroons all incorporated into one mini cookie. These doughnut macaroons are topped with both sprinkles and cinnamon sugar and stuffed with a strawberry jam butter cream. They are the perfect Sunday morning snack.

  • Pie Cake

    For a slightly healthier option try creating this strawberry pie cake. This dessert hybrid is the greatness of the pie top and fresh fruit, mixed with a cakey bottom. If you are not a fan of strawberries than replace them with any of your favorite fruits. The best part is that this great dessert is light and fruity and can be ready to eat in just 1 hour.

  • Ice Cream Cone Cakes

    These cone cakes are one of my ultimate favorites. Just get any type of ice cream cone, stuff the inside with cake and cover the top with icing. They are like cake pops on steroids! Try making these at home or handing them out at a birthday party to save you from the drippy mess that comes with ice cream.

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