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Delicious End-of-Summer Cocktails From The Kissters

Fall is right around the corner, so be sure to celebrate the end of the summer with these delicious summer cocktails from The Kissters. Check out their cocktail videos, and embrace the end of the season with these delectable drinks.

With back-to-school ads all over TV and store windows displaying chic boots and warm sweaters, there’s no denying fall is right around the corner. But before we say goodbye to the beloved season for another year, why not enjoy some summery cocktails one last time?

Adriane and Claudia Kiss – also known as The Kissters – developed delicious warm weather cocktails for Celebrations.com all summer, including the refreshing Gold Rush Cocktail, and a unqie twist on The Shandy. Since we’ll miss having them around the office (no worries, they’ll still be on Celebrations.com with all of their fun videos), we’ve compiled our favorite Kisster cocktail videos to celebrate the end of the season.

Kisster confetti printout

Kisster confetti printous from Celebration.com's Kisster farewell happy hour on Aug. 6. 

So slip into your favorite summery outfit one last time, and kick back with one of these delicious end-of-summer beverages. We recommend sipping them outside while you still can!

  • Gold Rush Cocktail

    The Gold Rush Cocktail is actually the perfect transitional drink from summer into fall. It's made from ginger liquer and bourbon, which gives it a refreshingly sweet, but smokey taste. It also is a bright gold color, which reminds us of the sun -- and changing leaves.

  • Strawberries and St. Germain Cocktail

    One of the best parts about summer is the fresh and juicy strawberries. The Strawberries and St. Germain cocktail combines the fresh fruit with St. Germain, a delicate French liquer that's made from elderflower blossoms. Add some club soda and champagne, and you have a refreshing summer cocktail.

  • Skinny Watermelon Tequila Cooler

    One of the treats we'll miss most about summer is fresh watermelon, so you can't end the summer without enjoying it one last time! Combine some fresh watermelon with tequila for the delicious Skinny Watermelon Tequila Cooler that's not only refreshing -- it's low in calories!

  • Campari and Riesling Cocktail

    All of the fruit-based cocktails in the summer make for some sweet drinks, but the flavor can sometimes be overpowering. Adriane and Claudia used some Campari, which is an Italian liquer infused with herbs and fruit. It balances out the sweet taste of Riesling and the orange juice, and it's the perfect sipper to enjoy the rest of the summer.

  • The Shandy

    Drinking a summer shandy is one of the best parts of the season. But as bars start rotating this seasonal beer out of their taps (sob!) and grocery stores are stocking up on fall bews, now is the perfect time to enjoy this simple concoction before it's officially fall. All it takes is some light beer or cider and lemonade -- The Kissters used a sparkling lemonade for theirs -- and you have a delicious warm weather drink.

  • Skinny Warm Weather Cocktails

    Since summer is all about enjoying fresh fruit and showing off some skin, the Skinny Greyhound and the Skinny Mojito cocktails are perfect warm weather drinks. The drinks are low in calories, and feature a splash of fresh fruit for a refreshing beverage. The Skinny Greyhound is made by adding grapefruit juice to a vodka and club soda, and the Skinny Mojito is a low-cal twist on the classic summer favorite.

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