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Drool-worthy Gummy Bear Art

After seeing TWELV Magazine’s recreation of a beautiful Alexander Mcqueen piece in Gummy Bears, we knew there was more to those bite-sized gems than meets the eye.

Turns out, Gummy Bears are used for so much more than just munching on (our favorite pastime). Check out some of these drool-worthy designs using Gummy Bears – from furniture to wearable accessories these sticky candies have made their mark in the art industry.

Now that we’re done gawking at these delicious marvels, it’s time to experiment with some Gummy Bear recipes!

  • A mastermind like Alexander McQueen deserves nothing less than this sweeter-than-life tribute to his work – Gummy Bears on the runway is one trend we wouldn’t be opposed to.

    Image via Buzzfeed

  • We bet if those ancient gladiators had a helmet made of gummy bears instead of metal, there would be a lot less fighting and a lot more munching. Over 800 Gummy Bears were used (but not harmed!) in the making of this edible wear.

    Image via Crummy Gummy

  • We can’t imagine any toddler would say no to being covered in sweet and sticky Gummy Bears instead of the usual footed pajamas or one piece. But at the same time, we think it may be difficult to get that toddler to stay still for more than 5 minutes. We’ll take the best of both worlds and drool over this toddle mannequin covered in Gummy Bears.

    Image via Yaya Chou

  • If you liked our art inspired cakes gallery , you’ll love this gummy recreation of Edvard Munch’s famous painting. The artist loves working with this sticky material, and is even taking orders for your own custom made Gummy Bear portraits. Talk about a sweet gift idea!

    Image via Melissa Rachel Black

  • One creative blogger decided to put together her own one-of-a-kind colorful wear for a sweet and pretty ensemble that brightens things up with the use of LED lights.

    Image via Angry Unicorns

  • If this chandelier was hanging in the Celebrations office, you can bet it would “mysteriously” disappear within a few days.

    Image via Yaya Chou

  • Huge Gummy Bears made of smaller gummy bears? Sounds like an idea straight out of the mind of Willy Wonka. You’ll have to travel all the way to Madrid if you to sneak a peak at these gems, but if you love Gummy Bears as much as we do, it’ll be worth it!

    Image via Capadia Design

  • Chic and elegant is the last words we would use to describe Gummy Bears, but these beautiful candelabra design with Gummy Bear candles really puts a trendy twist on a bright and childish candy.

    Image via Yaya Chou

  • It would take a lot of self control to fill your room with Gummy Bear furniture and not suffer from a constant sugar hangover. So to be on the safe side, we’ll just stick to oogling these delicious creations through a screen.

    Image via Yaya Chou

  • While this chandelier is certainly awe-inspiring, we can’t imagine having the patience to dedicate 2 months and 5000 Gummy Bears for a project. We’ll stick to our easy to make crafts and recipes and let the pros create these unique installations.

    Image via Maddy Cakes Muse

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