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10 Simple Ideas to Spruce up Your Baking

The holidays may be about family reunions and cherished tradition, but the real star of the holiday get-togethers is the drool-worthy dinner menu and it’s players. This year, take your culinary creations / baked goods to a whole new level with a few simple tricks to add some “pretty” to your party spread.

Nothing beats savory smell of a freshly baked loaf of bread or the drool-worthy scent of cupcakes right out of the oven. Take your holiday baking above and beyond with these easy decorating hacks for your baked goods.

  • Cute Puzzle Cookies

    Once your cookies bake, cut them into “puzzle” pieces before they cool. Things for Boys handed these out as creative party favors, but you can even just serve them as an excuse for guests to play with their food!

  • Simple Chocolate Shapes

    Create fun chocolate shapes in 30 seconds or less to dress up any dessert. The Cupcake Project has the how-to for this delicious idea!

  • Over-the-rim Treats

    Bake your cookies with a slit to turn them into over-the-rim treats, perfect for serving alongside a steaming cup of tea or cocoa!

  • Flour Art

    Create a stencil of your favorite festive image and place it on your freshly baked (or store bought, we won’t tell) bread. Slowly pour some flour on the loaf, lift, the stencil, and voila! The Bread Geek has the complete how-to.

  • Edible Chocolate Leaves

    Make edible chocolate leaves for a stunning detail to any dessert. My Cake School has the how-to.

  • Savory Stencils

    You can even use your favorite stencil patterns to create edible images. Chic and Jo has the how-to for this simple decorating idea. Use it on food or serving platters for a wow-worthy effect!

  • A Lacey Loaf of Bread

    Lace makes the perfect chic stencil for decorating your baked goods. Use flour for your freshly baked bread like The Fresh Loaf did here.

  • Dainty Dessert

    Or if you’re using lace to decorate dessert, swap the flour for powdered sugar like Snips and Spice did to her cupcakes.

  • Flour Flowers

    The Fresh Loaf used cookie cutters to create colored flowers that really spruced up her holiday bread. What kind of colored creations would you make?

  • Decorate with Herbs

    Using eggs as a glaze, bake fresh herbs into your bread for a simple yet savory idea. ojfposdjf alsosuggests using edible flowers if baking desserts.

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