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10 Outrageously Amazing Christmas Light Decorations

Turns out, there are lots of real life Clark Groswolds out there, and they've all got the same mission: to bring lots of joy, laughter and light to the holiday season for all their neighbors.

It's Christmastime, which means at least 7 times a week, one station out there is playing National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for our holiday viewing pleasure. By now, we all know about the importance the outdoor decorations played in Clark Griswold's fun old-fashioned family Christmas. We all know exactly when to begin the drumroll, when to expect his hilarious breakdown and when the moment will finally come where the rest of the neighborhood will lose power as Clark's house glows in all it's glory.

While you may be just as familiar with this classic Christmas movie as well as we are, you may not know about all those real life Clark Griswolds out there. After seeing Christmas Vacation for what seems like the 250,000 time, I did a little search ... and this is what I found.

Many of these photos we found we weren't able to attribute credit - if you know the person/persons responsible for such superb Christmas decorating, please let us know!

  • This first house, I have to say, is my favorite. Not only did this family deck their home from head to toe in glowing Christmas decorations, they also made a killer light show to boot. If you find a more amazingly decorated Christmas house than this, I beg you to share because this is awesome.

  • It may not be made out of real gingerbread, but this "Lighted Gingerbread House" from the folks at Christmas Tyme looks like the real thing. What's so great about these decorations is they don't just look amazing - they do amazingly good things. Onlookers are asked to bring donations to help needy children and families.

  • This glorious Christmas light display requires a hop, skip and a jump over the pond to Melksham, UK. Owner Colin and his son, Alex, don't just decorate their home for neighbors either - they've raised thousands of dollars for a local charity.

    Image via BBC

  • This bright Christmas display is full of Santas, elves, reindeer and holiday cheer from the top of the roof to the edge of the lawn.

  • Are they trying to mimic the Aurora Borealis on their roof? Whatever the inspiration, we're fascinated by this colorful display of Christmas lights.

  • Though it's not completely covered in Christmas lights, this house managed to attract an otherworldly Santa just the same. It's not at every house jolly old Saint Nick arrives in a UFO!

  • This crazy display of Christmas lights makes us feel merry and bright - but betting the electric bill would crush all that cheer!

  • Can you find the house? It took us a little while to find the home all of these bright Christmas decorations were covering.

  • Before your eye even gets to the house it's overloaded with so many bright Christmas decorations. This lawn holds more festive details than you can absorb in just one glimpse.

  • Outrageous, yes. A little ugly? Maybe. We're too distracted by the festive display of Christmas inflatables and obsessed with the idea of hopping from one to the other to notice. It's a daylight shot, but we're betting this home owner has plenty of twinkle lights to go along with this inflatable zoo!

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