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First Day of Summer Party Ideas

June 21st is coming up quickly! Check out some of these great first day of summer party ideas.

Mark your calendars - June 21st is right around the corner! School is out, the sun is shining, the beach is open, and summer is here...get ready! We all know summer comes and goes in the blink of an eye so be sure to start it off with a bang.

To throw the perfect kick off to summer party you have to make it unique. Provide fun activities for kids, balanced with refreshing cocktails for adults. From simple tree lanterns to watermelon ice pops there are plenty of tips to make your first day of summer party different from all the others.

  • Decorate the Outside as well as the Inside

    When kicking off summer make sure you don't forget to decorate the outside of your house as well as the inside. Try adding a pop of color by hanging paper lanterns in the trees. These will be great when the sun goes down, turning them into perfect party lighting. Also decorate with a fun chalkboard sign where you can write the theme of your summer bash or the items you plan to serve for dinner.

  • Glow Stick Balloons 

    On top of the summer lanterns in the trees, try adding some lighting on your lawn as well. As we've seen, glow sticks have several purposes! Take small balloons, place glow sticks inside and lay them down throughout your grass. Come nighttime all your guests will be stunned to see the ground glowing in every color. To ensure no one steps on the balloons during the day, try consolidating them into one corner of the party.   

    Image by Follow Pics

  • Bring the Picnic to Your Backyard 

    Get back to basics and make your kick off to summer party a picnic. This is the perfect idea if you have a lot of deck space or a grassy backyard. Get some flannel table cloths, sunflowers and watermelon and you're good to go.

  • Watermelon Pops

    Eat Yourself Skinny has created a these tasty watermelon ice pops. As a kid I loved the Friendly's watermelon sorbet and these ice pops are a new, low calorie version. They require little effort, but have a big taste. With only four ingredients, five if you choose to add a splash of vodka, these popsicles are sure to be a crowd favorite.

  • Nutter Butter Flip Flops

    Diddles and Dumplings have put a creative spin on the nutter butter cookie and turned them into flip flops! With a little frosting you can take these plain cookies and make them summer themed, perfect for kids.

  • Broccoli Grape Harvest Salad

    You always need food for a first day of summer party and this pasta salad with a twist is the perfect menu item. For summer parties you want to serve light food that is easy to eat. This broccoli grape harvest salad has the perfect balance of veggies, protein and fruit.

    Image via Eat Yourself Skinny

  • Day at the Beach Cupcakes 

    These adorable Day at the Beach summer cupcakes are a must for your dessert table. Brown sugar, vanilla frosting and summer themed decals make these cupcakes look too perfect to even eat.

  • Beer Floats 

    Whether you use real beer or root beer every party guest will love this refreshing throwback on a hot summer day. It is probably the simplest dessert with just ice cream and beer (or root beer) required.

  • Tie Dye DIY

    M&J created these awesome red, white and blue shorts that are perfect for both the 4th of July and all summer long. You can pretty much tie dye anything, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and it’s so easy. Since the first day of summer is just weeks before the fourth, try this tie dye DIY at your kick off to summer party to get everyone excited about the parties to come.


    Who doesn't love to play twister? Nowtotal entertainmenthas shown us that you can get rid of the board so slipping isn't an excuse. Simply paint the four colors of a twister board on your lawn, space them out nicely and start playing! The only piece of the actual game you will need is the spinner. This is the perfect party game that everyone will want to join in on… especially after a couple beer floats!

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