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Amazingly Creative Kids Birthday Cakes

The crowning moment of any child’s birthday is when he or she takes a deep breath, makes a wish and exhales long enough to blow out each and every lit birthday candle. Basically, the cake on which those candles are placed should be impressive and memorable (no pressure).

Instead of sticking to the standard sheet cake with boring white icing, take a look at these creative cakes that bring not only a delicious treat to the birthday guests, but also some fun and interactive décor. Get inspired to bake the best birthday cake yet for your little birthday boy or girl. And make sure you take lots of photos – with how delicious these look, they’ll be gobbled up in no time.

  • Gummy Bear Cake

    Bringing the delicious magic of gummy bears to an already yummy cake is so genius, we're sad we didn't think of it first. Luckily, Raspberri Cupcakes did, and provided the recipe for this tasty-looking layer cake adorned with yummy gummy bears. The layers are also lined with different colored frosting, which has a rainbow effect when you cut into it. So adorable! 

  • Chalkboard Cake

    We’re all obsessed with chalkboard paint (seriously, you can turn anything into a chalkboard!), but this cake takes it to a whole new level with chalkboard icing. That’s right, icing. That’s a chalkboard. That you can eat. It’s actually just black fondant, but it's written on by cool homemade sugar chalk that seems easy enough to make. Guests can even write little messages for the birthday boy or girl when they enter the party.

  • Fish Cupcake Cake

    Look, I love birthday cake as much as the next person. But sometimes, having to cut all those individual slices and make sure every kid gets an equal amount of frosting can be pain. That’s why I love this fish cupcake cake that’s not only gorgeous, but ingenious! The cupcakes serve as individual servings for each guest, so you can make as many as you need. And for those staunch cake eaters, the head and tail of the fish is made from halved layered cakes. Plus, the icing job and colors on this one from Coco Cake Land are seriously impressive.

  • Jelly Bean Birthday Cake

    If Gummy Bears aren;tyour kid’s thing, then this jelly bean Birthday cake is just as delicious and fun. Plus, the jelly beans also serve as décor, so you can customize the cake to be rainbow like this one from My Kids Time, or incorporate the colors to fit your color scheme. Just be mindful of some of the not-so-sweet flavors that might be a jarring contrast to the cake. Buttered popcorn or black licorice, anyone?

  • Monster Cake

    Not only is this monster from Mackoodle decorated to perfection -- just look at that icing job! -- it is also super cute with the pop-out eyes. Cake pops are always a crowd favorite, so using them as the eyes on the cake is a perfect, edible way to really make the design, well, pop

  • Fruit Cake

    I’m all for indulging on your birthday, but sometimes it's good to have a little healthier option. If you want to serve something on the healthy side, or your kid just seriously prefers fruit over anything else, try this fruit cake from A Little Insanity. It’s set up to look like an actual birthday cake, and the sugar rush and subsequent crash has got to be less intense than a full three-layer ice cream cake.

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