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Funniest Family Holiday Card Fails

It's beginning to look a lot like ugly sweater season! Each year, while most families send a holiday card featuring their happy, smiling family, others opt for a, let's say, less traditional option. The results of these 'thinking-outside-the-box" moments can be rather hilarious. 

  • Allow me to break down the elements necessary for a perfect awkward holiday photo: Do you all have on ugly sweaters circa the '80s? Is everyone in height order? Does at least one child look extremely displeased with the entire situation? Congratulations! You're doing it right. This perfect moment was featured on the Kelly Klatt Photo Blog, and I must say it's all awkward magic.

    Image via Kelly Klatt Photo Blog.

  • Not awkward enough, you say? How about if they entire family were to appear to be trapped inside a snow globe? I can only imagine pitching this idea to my own family: "Now everyone, just put up your hands and pretend to be trapped in a winter wonderland. This is going to be really great, I promise."

    Image via Awkward Family Photos.

  • Ok, so this one obviously started out with good intentions but everyone knows that when it comes to posing for photos, a toddlers' attention span is zero to none. The result is this hilariously adorable moment, which captures how many of us can start to feel about all of that holiday "joy".

    Image via Jamilia Jean Photography.

  • Pets can make an adorable addition to the family holiday photo, however, this pup looks like he's begging for an escape. Poor little guy. Plus if you're planning to go the religious route, I wouldn't recommend casting the dog as baby Jesus.

    Image via Pinterest.

  • Why just give presents on Christmas when you can BE the presents? Clearly this family was in the gift-giving spirit when they came up with this hilarious wrapped-up photo theme. And just look at how happy their children are! 11-year-old me would not have been as amused.

    Image via Awkward Family Photos.

  • "O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree"... no, wait that's just grandma. Hey, at least there are no ugly sweaters involved! While there is no greater tradition than the taking of the family holiday photo, just standing and smiling can get a bit boring. This family took it to the next level with santa, his elves and, of course, a Christmas tree.

    Image via Awkward Family Photos.

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