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Grossest Holiday Ever: National Chocolate Covered Bug Day

Every year on October 14th, people from all over the country come together to celebrate a historical and meaningful holiday: National Chocolate Covered Bug Day.

Okay, so maybe it's not that historical or meaningful. In fact, odds are that you had no idea National Chocolate Covered Bug Day existed until this very moment. But now that you do know, check out these interesting, largely unappetizing, chocolate covered bugs in celebration of the holiday.

Who knows, maybe you'll even feel inspired to try one (although we don't necessarily recommend it!)

  • Chocolate Covered Ants

    Ants are somewhat of a classic when it comes to insects dipped in chocolate. Because they are so small, many experts suggest using multiple ants per chocolate morsel. Others suggest using large carptenter ants instead. We, on the other hand, suggest none of the above.

    Image via eHow

  • Chocolate Covered Cockroaches (a.k.a. Chocoroaches)

    Something tells us that despite this delicacy's admittedly cute name, the actual preparation and consumption of the "chocoroach" is far from cute. Perhaps you should try some fake chocoroaches made with dates, like the ones pictured here, instead.

    Image via Hi Cookery

  • Chocolate Covered Crickets

    Who knew these everyday pests could be transformed into a chocolate coated snack? Yum...

    Imagie via EcoSmart

  • Chocolate Covered Larvae

    Eating insect larvae, even insect larvae dipped in fresh chocolate, is probably not something you ever want to imagine. It is, however, a great source of protein!

    Image via En Chocolat

  • Chocolate Covered Tarantulas

    With a dessert that's both fried and coated in chocolate, you can't go wrong... right? If there are tarantulas involved, maybe you can after all.

    Image via Fun Gallery

  • Chocolate Covered Scorpions

    Finally, we leave you with a chocolate covered arachnid considered to be a delicacy in some parts of the world: The scorpion. If you are really tempted to try this particular treat, we would recommend making sure the scorpoin isn't poisonous first!

    Image via Mother Nature Network

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