Hilariously Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

Anyone can dress up on Halloween, including our furry friends! Whether you’re attending a costume party or simply getting in the Halloween spirit with your pet, the creative possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing them up. Get inspired by some of our favorite pet costumes and let your pet show some character this Halloween!

  • Star Wars

    May the force be with chew! We love the idea of creating costumes based on iconic movie characters. This Princess Leia pup and Darth Vader kitty from Costume Pop are instantly recognizable and are certainly some of the most creative pets in the galaxy.

  • Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog

    The menacing three-headed dog that guarded the Sorcerer's Stone is seen here accompanied by Harry Potter and looks very ready to fetch some Halloween candy. This costume, featured on Daily Creativity, is sure to excite fans of the story and scare those who don’t expect it

  • Hello Kitty

    This cat is taking the image of one of its favorite role models, Hello Kitty! This costume on Lost in A Minor is simple and adorable, and can be worn by any pet that is a cat at heart.

  • Wedding Couple

    This duo is ready to say “I mew” in their adorable wedding suit and gown. Easily dress up the groom with a bowtie, hat and glasses, and add a veil to the bride for instant elegance. This pet couple costume is sure to bring some romance to the scariest time of year.

  • Headless Horseman

    Beware the Headless Horseman! This dog featured on Ada Fruit comes bearing the dreaded horseman across the land in a very creative costume that’s sure to turn heads… right before the horseman gets them!

  • Swashbuckling Pirate

    This pirate costume featured on Gadget Review is sure to be stealing a treasure chest filled with treats, and will be stealing all of the attention at any Halloween party! The creative addition of a partner in crime perfectly ties this costume together.

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