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10 Most Inappropriate Kids' Costumes Ever

Halloween should be a time of fun tricks, tasty treats and spooky decor for the whole family. And when it comes to dressing your kids up for the holiday, the cute and creative costumes are the ones that stand out. 

But some parents decided to take the holiday too far when they dressed their kids up in offensive, tasteless and downright inappropriate costumes for Halloween. 

Some of these are found for purchase on the Internet (where literally anything goes), but others are entirely homemade, which means these parents not only came up with the idea -- but went through the effort to construct an R-rated getup for their child.

Take a look at our gallery of inappropriate kids' costumes, and let us know which ones you think are the worst. Can't we just get back to the days of Unicorns and Power Rangers?

  • Toddler Cigarettes

    Baby's first step from the bottle shouldn't be a pack of Marlboros.

    Image via WTF Costumes

  • Breaking Bad Move

    The TV show "Breaking Bad" is a pop culture phenomenon, but allowing your children to emulate a drug dealer and pretend to peddle meth isn't the best life lesson.

    Image via WTF Costumes

  • Lil Wayne

    I wouldn't exactly call Lil Wayne a role model, unless sizzurp actually means apple juice.

    Image via WTF Costumes

  • Baby Hannibal Lecter

    I'm not sure which is worse -- the serial killer costume, or the fact that he can't move.

    Image via WTF Costumes

  • Homeless Toddler

    You can never desensitize your kids too early to the lesser-fortunate

    Image via Reddit

  • Baby Pot Leaf

    Keep it classy, folks.

    Image via Brands On Sale

  • Suicide Bomber

    There are people in this world who allowed this costume to be thought of, created, photographed and posted on the Internet. Great job, America.

    Image via WTF Costumes

  • Topless Mermaid

    Um, she's missing her shell bikini top.

    Image via Epic Fail

  • Toilet Costume

    This is just asking for all kinds of ridicule. Hopefully no one has actually purchased this costume.

    Image via WTF Costumes

  • Baby Pole Dancer

    As if the fact that neon pink fishnet stockings are available in such a small size wasn't bad enough, this lamp post prop takes it to a whole new level.

    Image via Epic Fail

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