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Mustache Men Inspired Cocktails

Some men pull of a 'stache with sexiness and style. Others, not so much.

When we came across some fun vinyl chalkboard mustache decals while planning our Mustache Party, we decided that instead of popping them on just any old glass, we'd mix up a few cocktail recipes inspired by famous 'staches. When served alongside these Mustache inspired treats and eats, your guests will surely be impressed by your dedication to this facial hair fever!

Whether you think these mustached men are sexy, stylish, gross or weird, you're guaranteed to recognize their famous facial features and to enjoy these yummy cocktails they've inspired!

  • Albert Einstein

    We call this first cocktail the Atomic Martini, inspired by Albert Einstein. While he was no drinker and probably wouldn't give this sip a try, this drink recipe gets its name from the fact that any cocktail lover can appreciate the genius of this mix. And Einstein is the biggest genius we know with a killer 'stache.

  • Tom Selleck

    If you like to drool over Tom Selleck from his Magnum, P.I. days when his studdly 'stache became famous, do so while sippping this cocktail recipe. Homemade wine coolers are so much better than those store-brought concoctions! Plus, they're the quintessential 80s drinks we'd love to sip while lounging on a beach in Hawaii.

  • John Waters

    Einstein and Selleck may be known for their full-fledged mustaches, but this next honoree is the opposite. In John Waters' case, less really is more. His thinner 'stache is just as famous and if not, more iconic since it's such a tough one to pull of! If you're a fan of his films, you'll appreciate this Pink Flamingo cocktail recipe.

  • Ron Burgundy

    He's not real, but the character of Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell in Anchorman, has a LEGENDARY 'stache. We had to pay homage to one of our favorite funny inventions from Will and chose do so with this Scotchsicle recipe.

  • Hulk Hogan

    OK, we couldn't resist combining the two famous hulks in this cocktail recipe. Both of them like to smash things with their big muscles and one of them has some of the most iconic facial hair in recent memory.

  • Jeff Foxworthy

    This funnyman is part of the comedy troupe Blue Collar Comedy Tour, is famous for his "you might be a redneck" one-liners and has an impressive 'stache. That means no fancy cocktail - just slap one of your vinyl chalkboard mustache stickers on a tall boy and you're set to toast!

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