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Pro Party Appetizers

There's one sort of food your bound to find at a party - any party - and we're not talking about dessert!

Appetizers, hors d'ouevres, finger foods, starters, mini bites, apps, antipasto, cocktails, tidbits. There are plenty of names for the all important party menu food, but no matter what you call them, they have to meet certain criteria to be considered a pro party appetizer.

Party apps have to be easy to eat, pleasing to many, delicious and not to mention, fun. We're so tired of those pigs-in-a-blanket and boring shrimp cocktail! As much as we love those classics, the world of party appetizers as expanded so widely - and we want to try them all!

Check out our favorite pro party appetizers and give them a go the next time you've got a crowd coming over!

  • Like we said, no more shrimp cocktail! You can have your shrimps in a more sophisticated way and without much more work. Andrea shares her recipe for a unique twist on an all around appetizer winner in this video. Not into zesty garlic shrimp? Try our tea marinated shrimp recipe instead. Either way - skip the store bought cocktail sauce.

  • Even a BLT can be turned into an elegant pro party appetizer. Just downsize them! This tutorial for homemade bread cups is crazy simple and the filling a chopped up version of the popular sandwich ingredients. Everyone, and we mean everyone, will love this app recipe.

  • You can also use filo dough to make mini party cups to fill with tasty appetizer mixes. This chicken artichoke recipe is one of those recipes we love eating as much as we love serving it to our guests.

  • For a more formal feel, and a more filling pro party app, turn to these mini stuffed potatoes topped with a thin slice of salmon and chive. It's a flavor packed bite that delights the tastebuds!

  • For another unexpected potato appetizer, consider serving this more dressed up version of a favorite. Applewood bacon and cheddar give potato skins a more grown up flavor.

  • Another familiar appetizer remade, these bites are given a fresh look but still have the same comforting taste. Rather than displaying on a bland pick, assemble this layered tomato-mozzarella appetizer on mini forks to increase the drama.

  • Have you ever eaten mac-and-cheese on a stick? We didn't think so. Your party guests will go just as crazy as you once they try this cheesy, crunchy app. Best of all, it's really not hard to make!

  • Ideal for an early afternoon affair, delicate tea sandwiches are so delicious and look formal without a ton of work. Fill them with whatever creative mix you can think up, then make them mini by cutting your bread with a small cookie cutter.

  • Buffalo chicken can be made in the crock pot long before your guests arrive, so this recipe isn't just delicious - it's convenient, too! As if it couldn't get better, our buffalo chicken wrap recipe is a healthier version of the classic using lettuce leaves to hold the shredded mix. Trust us - this is a pro appetizer everyone (and their waistlines) will love.

  • Nothing says comfort food more than tomato soup and grilled cheese, but even this classic combo can be made into an elegant, chic and delicious mini bite. Turn your favorite meal into a pro party app with our easy recipe!

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