Office Secret Santa Gift Guide: Fun Finds for $20 or Less

Pulling a name out of a bucket for your office's annual secret santa gift exchange can be equally fun and stressful, especially if you don't know your coworker that well.

As much as we love the idea of a secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange at the office, we totally get how it can be nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing. What if you get your boss? What can you give someone that is office-appropriate, yet creative? How to you make sure you get something worthwhile without spending a fortune?

Luckily, we've found fun gifts for less than $20 that you can give any of your co-workers (male or female) that will surely put a smile on their face this holiday season. Even the hardest people to shop for will appreciate one of these thoughtful presents. 

Now let's just hope whoever picked your name this year doesn't get you another pair of light-up Christmas socks. 

  • Poppin Office Supplies

    Boost the boring-old office supplies with the colorful and personalized options from Poppin. For $18, a set of colored pens and a matching pen cup is a perfect gift, and with colors all over the spectrum, you're sure to find something someone will love. Order from

  • 'A Christmas Story' Pint Glass

    The iconic Christmas movie that warned us all that we could shoot our own eyes out with a Red Ryder BB Gun can be a part of your holiday cheer with this fun and adorable pint glass from TCM. For just $12.95, it's a perfect Christmas gift.

  • Quit Slackin' & Make Shit Happen

    This trendy print from the super creative Ninj and Ninj print shop on Etsy is the ultimate reminder of office motivation. If your office is cool with a little PG-13 language, get this for the resident procrastinator (with a sense of humor) for just $10.

  • Micro Vacuum

    If only there were an easier way to clean up the bagel crumbs and sugar grains from our desk and keyboard. Luckily, this micro vacuum found at Kohls is great to stash away in your desk and use when your lunch has landed more in your workspace than in your mouth. Get it for just $12.

  • Lucite Tray

    It's no surprise that we're a fan of lucite furniture, a big trend this year. These trays from The Container Store are great for desktop organization, and can be customized with just a fitted piece of laminated cardstock or wrapping paper taped to the bottom.

  • Starbucks Jewel Coffee Mug

    Every year, Starbucks releases a new set of seasonal mugs that include a touch of shimmer and shine. These jewel coffee mugs are just $8.95, and a stylish way to enjoy your daily cup of joe. Get yours today from

  • Electric Wine Opener

    For the coworker that enjoys a good glass of wine, this electric wine opener from Macy's for $19.99 is a fun gift that makes popping open the vino a little easier.

  • Monogram C. Wonder Plate

    This adorable $12 plate from C. Wonder can sit on the desk as a catch-all for office supplies, or your coworker can take it home for a fun and decorative wall display. Monograms are the perfect way to add a touch of personalization without being too over-the-top.

  • Kate Spade Business Card Holder

    Business cards may not be the most stylish piece of stationery you have at your office, but you can glam up the way they are presented. These adorable business card holders for $20 by Kate Spade have "let's do lunch" inscribed, and are made from sterling silver. Get yours today from Macy's.

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