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Shark-Inspired Snacks For Shark Week

Dive right into Shark Week with these delicious shark-themed snacks! From shark cookies to a shark carved out of a watermelon, these snacks are sure to please kids and adults alike.

After another long year of waiting, the much-anticipated Shark Week is finally upon us. And much like the killer fish in Sharknado, sharks have officially taken over. If you’re planning on celebrating Shark Week with some friends – or just want to make some themed food for fun with the family – our shark-inspired snacks are sure to bring some delicious décor to your celebration.

The best part? These treats are so simple, you won’t be drowning in DIY work. So browse our gallery of shark snacks for inspiration, and dive right in!

  • Swimming Shark Cookies

    Themed cookie cutters can make all the difference when baking for special occasions, and we just love these shark and wave cookies from Sweet Dani B.

    She carved out the sugar cookies using a shark-shaped cookie cutter, and added in a few wave shapes for emphasis. Use a grey icing for the shark body, and white icing for the belly. Accent the teeth with more white icing, and dot the eyes with little black beads. With the blue and green wave cookies, it makes for a playful display.

  • Shark-Infested Jell-O Cups

    Jell-O is always a crowd favorite, but these simple additions can really turn the gelatin snack into scary shark-infested waters! We also found these adorable Shark-Infested Jell-O cups on Renee’s Soirees. After making the blue Jell-O, top the cups with Cool Whip and gummy sharks for a fun and tasty treat.

  • Banana Sharks

    Who know turning bananas into sharks was such a thing? These Banana Shark sundaes look as funas they do delicious, but we are also in love with the How to Make a Banana Shark Tumbl we found. It shows you how to make a banana shark for any occasion you might want – especially Shark Week!

  • Shark Teeth

    These Shark Teeth also come courtesy of Renee’s Soirees, who threw an incredible shark-themed birthday party for her son Deacon's third birthday. She took Bugels snacks and dipped them in melted white chocolate for a salty-sweet snack. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into them!

  • Watermelon Shark

    Much like the big fish itself, a shark carved out of a watermelon looks incredibly intimidating. Fortunately, this Watermelon Shark from Sun Scholars is fairly easy to recreate.

    All it takes is one large watermelon, a couple sharp knives, some toothpicks, a melon baller (optional) and a blueberry for the eye. Make this melon for an impressive presentation that will have your guests begging to take a bite!

  • Shark Ice Cubes

    Infest your drinks with some shark fins, to add some more fun to your punch! We love these ice cube trays from Etsy because they are flexable and easy to pop ice out of. Throw together a blue drink, or cocktail to really turn your drinks into shark infested waters!

  • Shark Tuna Fish Sandwich

    Turn a standard tuna fish sandwich into a shark fish snack by cutting the bread into special shark shapes. These tuna fish sandwiches for Shark Week on Somewhat Simple are just too cute!

    Print some DIY labels and attach to toothpicks, or find some at your local party supply store. Not only will they add flair to the sandwich – they’ll also keep the ingredients together.

  • Apple Shark Attack Snack

    This shark-shaped apple snack is all about the extra ingredients. Kitchen Fun with my Three Sons created this treat for her boys who are obsessed with Shark Week.

    After cutting up an apple to resemble a shark, she used mini marshmallows for the teeth and attached them with peanut butter. She then decorated the plate with blue Jell-O and Goldfish crackers. What a colorful display!

  • Shark Attack Cupcakes

    For a simple splash of shark food décor, try these quick and easy Shark Attack Cupcakes from Bake and Destroy. Instead of trying to use delicate sugar cupcake toppers, they used DIY printable fin toppers to place on the icing. The recipe also uses red velvet cupcakes for an extra gory touch, and blue food color spray paint over white icing for more realistic-looking waves.

  • Sharks on the Beach Pudding

    There’s nothing better than pudding topped with Nilla Wafers. Muffin Tin Mom took the childhood favorite and added a sharktastic spin on the tasty treat. Crush up the wafers (you can also use graham crackers), and add blue sprinkles on the for the ocean. Then, top with shark fruit snacks for some Sharks on the Beach!

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