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Sleepover Birthday Party Recipes for Kids

There was always this thrill I associated with sleepover parties as a kid. Whenever a sleepover invitation arrived at my house my mind would whirl at the idea of breaking out my Barbie sleeping bag for a reason. I'd imagine what fun my friends and I would have with our movie and dance marathons, truth or dare games and of course little mischievous plans like torturing my friend's little brother with nail polish.

No matter how the evening turned out, there was also the fun of getting to eat sweet and salty treats I was never allowed to enjoy at home so late at night. After dessert, there was never any snacking before bed in my house, so you can imagine how excited I'd get that bagel bites would always appear at sleepover parties precisely at 9 p.m. when the first of our movies would start.

Unlike other kids birthday parties I attended, sleepovers for us were really casual. There was usually a birthday banner hanging, maybe a few balloons, but apart from that the birthday fun lay in the smaller guest list getting to enjoy a night of seemingly endless fun in its simplest form.

Celebrations Contributor, Coryanne Ettiene, took all that I loved about sleepover party menus and transformed them into, if possible, more fun.

What's great about Coryanne's Midnight Feast and Sleepover Breafast menus are that they satisfy the specialness a sleepover birthday party menu demands, the sweet tooth kids have and the expectation of moms that the kids won't run around all night with an unmanageable sugar high.

  • Movies are a must at sleepover birthdays. Keep the requests to a minimum with this nifty snack idea for the kids. Fill a regular old sandwich bag with sweet and salty bites, then clip in the center with a decorated clothespin. It's a girly butterfly design filled with yummy treats the kids will love. You can even have them decorate their own clothespins for a party activity.

  • Ice cream needn't have ALL the fun. Coryanne's become a big fan of sherbet and after tasting these birthday desserts of hers, we are, too. Sherbet drumsticks are kid-friendly in flavor and style - easy to hold and easier to enjoy!

  • S'mores, as you may have noticed poking around Celebrations, are a big favorite of ours and our contributors. We bet kids feel the same and that's why Coryanne's easy s'mores on a stick are a sleepover party menu must.

  • While the kids will love all the sweets on display at this sleepover birthday, be sure to get some sort of nurishment in them, too. We love the idea of finger sandwiches like these tomato and avocado ones or pizza slices cut into similar strips.

  • Banish bad thoughts of the boogie man and invite these fun cupcakes to your sleepoverparty. Crowd pleasing vanilla cupcakes topped with frosting and coconut shavings, then dotted with chocolate chip eyes make for a friendly monster!

  • Keep the festivities of the midnight feast going with a morning breakfast menu. Start with this layered breakfast tower of waffles, berries and cream. It looks like a birthday cake, but it's pure breakfast joy!

  • Mini bacon cups filled with cheesy scrambled eggs is a kid-friendly bite that will satisfy, and not overfill bellies. They're also easy to prep ahead of time which means you won't have to worry about baking as you go.

  • French toast is a classic breakfast menu option, but when served kebab-style on a stick it gets reinvented. There's nothing simpler, sweeter and more satisfying.

  • Plain natural yogurt topped with a mountain of fresh fruit is a light, healthy and sweet way to start the day. Kids will love the flavor of this menu choice as will moms!

  • Though a bowl of old-fashioned granola cereal may not seem as tempting when stationed next to the sweeter breakfast bites, the kids will appreciate the crunchier, more savory spoonful. It's also another perfect topping for fresh yogurt bowls.

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