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Some of the Creepiest, Coolest, and Most Creative Snowmen Ever

With the winter season now upon us, it's definitely time to brush up on our snowman-building skills. But are you bored with the standard Frosty prototype? Check out these creative, funny, clever, and downright creepy snowmen we found online. 

Who knows? Maybe you'll feel inspired to come up with a new idea for a snowman masterpiece of your own!

  • Kegstand Snowman

    Ever witness a snowman binge drinking? Neither had we, until now. You would think it would be quite challenging to balance the famously bottom-heavy snowman on his head, but apparently it's possible!

    Image via Funny Page Net

  • Headless Snowman

    You've just got to feel bad for this guy. Not only did he lose his head, but he's now armless too! It doesn't seem likely he'll ever be whole again.

    Image via All Movie Pics

  • Scary Window Snowman

    Usually the thought of gazing out your living room window after a long snow fall inspires feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and happiness-- but not in this case! This red-eyed snowman in the window could not be more terrifying.

    Image via In The Middle Lane

  • Payphone Snowman

    The next time you get a call from an unknown number, don't be surprised if Frosty the Snowman is on the line. We love the extra touch of his facial expression here.

    Image via List 25

  • Spooky Ghost Snowman

     This snowman didn't get the memo that Halloween is over! While we've never made a ghost snowman ourselves, something tells us it's not too challenging a feat.

    Image via Chicago Tribune

  • Bloody Snowmen

     Whoever took the time to make these bloody snowmen was obviously very creative-- and morbid! It looks like the snowman on the left just lost one of his eyes made of coal. Ouch.

    Image via Unreality

  • Thinker Snowman

    We're not sure whether it's fair to call this intricate, icy reproduction of Rodin's famous The Thinker a "snowman", per se, but it sure is cool! Besides, it is a man made of snow.

    Image via Now That's Nifty

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