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Olympian Bodies We're Celebrating

Becoming an Olympian takes dedication, courage, and a certain level of athleticism. This year, we're not just celebrating the Olympics but also the amazing bodies of Team USA. Read on for some serious eye candy and celebrate with us!

The Olympics may be about athleticism and competition amongst the world, but here at Celebrations.com, we're finding something else to pay attention during this summer's games. 

The bodies!

These 8 athletes are definitely giving their competitors a run for their money with their talent, strength, determination and phenomenal abdominal presentation. Yes, the abs are just as important.

To get to an Olympian level, athletes embark on a lifelong journey of dedication and state of mind with one goal: bring nothing short of a gold metal. And along the way, they build strength and a body that shows for it.

These 8 athletes are definitely the ones to watch during the games. Not only are they predicted to make history, but it helps that they are easy on the eyes! Check out our top male athletes you'll be looking out for and cheering them on their way to victory.

  • Ryan Lochte-Swimming

    Regarded as possibly the best swimmer in the world, all eyes are on this guy to make some big waves (sorry for the pun) in London. However, our eyes are also focusing on the tolerable physique. 

    Image via RyanLochte.com

  • Jordan Burroughs-Wrestling

    Burroughs is competing in freestyle wrestling in London where he intends on bringing home the gold. He hasn't lost a single match since 2009, so we're not doubting his talent.

    Image via KnoxNews.com

  • Michael Phelps-Swimming

    We can't mention the Olympics without Michael Phelps. This EIGHT time gold metal winner put the US swim team back on the map in 2008. And with his lean 6'4 frame, this tall Olympian is in his best shape to compete in London this year. 

    Image via Fanpop

  • Troy Dumais-Diver

    The US Swim team has quite a few gems and Troy Dumais is definitely one swimmer worth noting. This 4-time Olympian trains for 8 hours a day in preparation for the summer games. 

    Image via Zimbio.com

  • Tony Azevedo

    Azevedo is the caption of the US Men's Water Polo team. Regarded as one of the world's best water polo players, this Stanford grad is built to beat out some of the other leagues he's also played in in his professional career in addition to the US team. 

    Image via Athletes 101

  • Trey Hardee-Track and Field

    Hardee is decathalete from Old Miss who originally wanted to be a basketball player. Not sure if he'd have the same guns had he gone that in that direction, so we're kind of kind he decided to go the track and field route instead.

    Image via Nincompoopery

  • Ashton Eaton-Track and Field

    The Washington Times hailed this superstar as the "world's greatest athlete" after he broke a 100 year old decathalon record. This athlete also holds up those intense bicep muscles nicely as well.

    Image via Zimbio.com

  • Nathan Adrian-Swimming 

    Adrian is one of stars of the US Men's Swim team and not because he's clearly always up in the gym workin' on his fitness, but because of talent. As a current holder of the 50 and 100 yard freestyle record, this swimmer is one to look out out for as he looks to bring home a few more wins.

    Image via UWM Student Center  

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