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Top 10 Chick Flicks for a Girls Night In

Get your gal pals together for a night of drinks, gossip, and girls-only fun with a girls night in! Start the fun off with your favorites from this list of our top 10 chick flicks.

Just because a movie earns the classification "chick flick" doesn't mean it's a movie with lots of sappy moments you cry over.

I rounded up my top 10 movies deserving of the "chick flick" honor for a night in with my favorite ladies. These movies are meant to capture all that's wonderful about being a woman - lots of laughs, romance, drama and happy endings.

There are lots of top chick flick lists out there, but these 10 movies are my personal choices for two reasons: they're movies I actually enjoy watching over and over, never growing tired of them, and because my friends love them just as much.

  • 1. Clueless

    AS IF...this wasn't going to top my list. From the hilarious script, amazing 90s wardrobes and totally sweet way things turn out, I'll never ever get tired of watching Cher, Dion, Tai and yes, even Amber at their antics. Clueless tops my list as number 1 when it comes to girls night in chick flicks.

  • 2. Dirty Dancing

    Don't even try to say you weren't swooning over Patrick Swayze's heroic return at the end of this classic 80s movie. More dramatic than laugh worthy, this top chick flick for a girls night in is perfect for a low-key wine sipping evening with your besties.

  • 3. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

    Talk about best friends and a movie that celebrates all that's wonderful (and tough) about true friendship. My best friends from high school are still camping out with me for girls night in and this movie is always one we enjoy. Bet you do too - we can all relate to the dreaded high school reunion, bitchy popular girls who judge (unless your one of those) and the happy moment when we embrace who we are and OWN IT.

  • 4. 10 Things I Hate About You

    Oh, Heath! I literally drooled while watching this film over and over and over again with my favorites in junior high. This is one of those movies (sort of like Clueless) that could easily have earned itself an "another teen movie" stamp but didn't thanks to it's amazing lead actors. No one, and I mean no one, will sing "I Love You Baby" quite so perfectly.

  • 5. Sixteen Candles

    As teenage girls we all dreamed of our crush showing up for our 16th birthday, cake in hand while we smiled prettily in a pink dress - with Molly Ringwald's hair, of course. Though this movie is a bit outdated and no girl's Sweet 16 can be overlooked these days, it's still one of my favorite chick flicks and one every lady must see!

  • 6. Pretty Woman

    Like many ladies out there, I've loved this movie for so long...but that just means I started watching it at too early an age. Every time I watch Pretty Woman I appreciate it in a new way. Nothing is cuter than Julia and Richard falling in love...the first time.

  • 7. When Harry Met Sally

    The answer is no. A guy and girl can't just be friends. Why, you may ask can we make that blatant statement? Watch this movie and you'll know the answer. No matter how cliche this movie gets at points it's still filled with endless amounts of laughter and classic moments - yes, we're talking about Meg fakin' it in the deli. Did she? Or didn't she?

  • 8. Bridget Jones' Diary

    It's a truth universally acknowledged... that most ladies love this film first and foremost because it's a modern adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. It also made my top 10 chick flick list because it's downright, laugh out loud, hilarious to watch Bridget fall in love as well as comforting to know, life could be worse!

  • 9. Sabrina (the original)

    Though you may have expected Breakfast at Tiffany's on here, it's actually Sabrina from 1954 that I think makes for the perfect chick flick on a girls night in when you and your friends are in the mood for a classic. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart - my, my - if you haven't seen this one, it's a MUST.

  • 10. Never Been Kissed

    OK, we know this last one isn't Drew at her best, but we still can't help loving it! Our hearts broke watching Josie's high-school self run out the door in pink shiny glory only to have popular boy crush her, then they soared watching Michael Vartan run on field to give her her first true kiss. AW!

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