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Top 20 Christmas Songs

There's nothing to get you quite in that holiday mood like a good old santa-inspired playlist. Spread the cheer by turning your speakers up and blasting some of our top 20 Christmas songs.

Check out our Top 20 picks for the best Christmas songs to pump up the holiday cheer and make even gift shopping on December 24th enjoyable!

  • For those who want to have a diva-licious Christmas, this song sets the mood! It’s perfect to belt out for your sweetie during some holiday karaoke, or jamming along in front of the Christmas tree. Don’t forget the mistletoe!
  • Remembering a certain someone this holiday season? Drown those bad feelings with eggnog, cookies, and this George Michael song that inspires us with the Christmas spirit and hope that next year we’ll all be with the ones we love.
  • Want a relaxing Christmas evening by the fire? Nothing is more soothing than the voice of Karen Carpenter, and this Christmas classic is sure to warm your heart.
  • If Santa can travel the world in one night, why can’t we? This international hit with its catchy Spanish chorus reminds us to think of our fellow man and the similarities we all share, especially our love for Christmas!
  • This song is not only famous, but iconic. Who can forget the hilarious dance done by the Plastics in Mean Girls or the frivolous fun of Kevin McAllister as he turns the Plaza upside down in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Put this song on any time of year and you’ll be instantly transported into the Christmas season!
  • Who doesn’t wish there was a jolly man happy to deliver us whatever we wish for one day a year? Whether it be love, a sable coat, or a convertible, Santa’s sleigh would be better than a shopping mall!
  • Just try not to think of mannequins dancing when you hear this song! Kevin McAllister in the original Home Alone is at his most clever when he rigs up an entire holiday party to scare away intruders, making this a theme song for Christmas tricksters the world over.
  • The perfect send-off to dear friends and loved ones, make this the last song of the night at any holiday party to leave your guests with a lasting Christmas spirit.
  • Nobody likes a Grinch, and this song really lets them have it! Dr. Seuss is at his nasty rhyming best to describe the mean Grinch before he meets Cindy Lou Who and becomes a lover of all things Christmas.
  • Grandma’s of the world take cover! Drinking too much eggnog and getting hit by Santa’s sleigh is no way to spend Christmas Eve, but it makes for four minutes of pure glee at Grandma’s expense.
  • The Boss certainly knows how to get into the Christmas spirit. His red and white cowboy hat takes the song to the next level of Christmas and cool combined.
  • Christmas without snow is like cookies without milk, but if white flakes are missing from your Christmas celebration, close your eyes and this song will transport you into that snow filled meadow!
  • Everyone knows November 26th is not only dreaded shopping day Black Friday, but the beginning of the Christmas season. Break out those decorations and blast this classic while trimming the tree or outfitting the house with miles of lights.
  • Santa’s got a lot of wishes to grant, but sometimes he manages to make a Christmas miracle, like bringing our loved ones home to us in time for the holidays.
  • Christmas, don’t be late! The adorable creatures of the forest just want their gifts! A great song to teach the kiddies to impress all your Christmas guests.
  • A perfect duet as you and your honey dance under the mistletoe. Make sure there’s a roaring fire, too!
  • If you find yourself without Christmas cheer this year, play this song to remind yourself that as long as you have family and friends, you can never be alone.
  • Christmas Eve has come and tomorrow morning will reveal whether you’ve been naughty or nice. But for now, prepare for his visit with Christmas cookies and milk, all while listening to this song of course!
  • Even though one horse open sleighs are hard to find outside of Central Park, you can still keep the spirit alive with this classic.
  • Ever evocative of the images of Christmas, this song is perfect to play before sending the kids to bed to await Santa and his holiday bounty.
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