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Fun Facts About Wine: How Much Do You Know About Everyone's Favorite Beverage?

Did you know that wine made its first known-appearance in mankind's history nearly 8,000 years ago?! We've been enjoying this celebratory drink without knowing much about it.. until today.

From religious ceremonies to romantic dinners to entire parties devoted to sampling an assorted flight (we're talking wine tastings!), wine plays a major part of most everyone's holidays and celebrations.

And while we're big fans of wine we realized how much we didn't know about this most ancient of sips our ancestors enjoyed 8,000 years ago as much as we still do today.


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  • Wine is aged in barrels - a single barrel will yield 1,180 glasses of wine! Wish they made these available for big parties we throw.

  • Believe it or not, the pressure in a single bottle of champagne is around 3x that of a car's tire. So, as much fun as it is to aim at friends, you could actually do some damage!

  • While France used to claim the record for most wine consumption the United States recently usurped the first place holder and is now the world leader for most wine consumed.

  • It's a very common misconception that wine actually improves with age. In fact, experts say that 90% of all wine should be consumed within a year.

  • Did you know that as white wines age they will darken in color? Red wines do the opposite -- their hues lighten. That's why one of the five steps in tasting wine is to examine it's color. The shade will tell you much about what you're about to sip!

  • Chardonnay is the most popular wine grape in the world thanks to its ability to produce decent wines in a very short time and with very little care.

  • In the past corks, sealed all bottles of wine, but in the 1960s the screw cap was introduced. Today most wines are sealed with screw caps as compared to corks - we're taking advantage of the corks we've got left and getting crafty with them .

  • Wine is considered guilt-free because it contains no fat and virtually no cholesterol. There are even health benefits associated with wine consumption when consumed in moderation - so, drink up!

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