Clever Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2014

It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween. Get creative this year, and be ahead of the game with these creative and clever costume ideas inspired by our favorite books, movies and TV shows from 2014. 

It might seem a bit early to start thinking about Halloween -- we're still planning our Labor Day Party, and Back-to-School organization, after all -- but the spooky holiday is starting to creep up on us. We're not making any commitments yet, but these costumes are sure to make our first draft for this year's festivities!


Cory & Topanga From 'Boy/Girl Meets World'


This throwback couple is back in our lives, and while we're still not sure how we feel about them being old and having a kid, they totally remind us of our younger years. To get in the spirit you and your beau should dress as these love birds (either pulling out your old 90's attire or going buinsess casual like they are above.) Crack some Corey and Topanga jokes, and teach everyone you meet some good ol' life lessons. Bonus points if you bring along a hacky sack or plush ball painted like the world (get it?). 


Anna & Elsa from 'Frozen'



Unless you've been living in an igloo, you're aware that this movie has completely taken over this year. From the hit song "Let it Go" to Frozen-adorned everything, this movie is still a big hit with kids and adults. Whether you and your adult friends (or kiddos) want to dress like these cold sisters, all you need is a cute dress and a killer braid. You can freeze all that displeases you throughout the night, and maybe even make some other frosted friends.


Poussey and Taystee from 'Orange is the New Black'


Not to worry, we binge watched and we're all caught up on Orange is the New Black, too. Since we have to wait a whole year until season 3, we're thinking of taking on this silly duo with our right hand gal. Beige scrubs and army boots will complete these outfits, and a few prison badges just incase you meet someone who's not caught up.


Iggy Azalea


Whether you've got "Problems" or you're just plain "Fancy," this Austrailian beauty is definitely a great costume option. If you're willing to give cornrows a try for the night, go right ahead. Otherwise you can pull your locks back into a high pony like thepicture above. Show off your bod, throw on some heels and add the perfect red lip to make it "Work!"


Kimye & North West


We're still slightly obsessing over this threesome, and their 1st birthday party extravaganzaKidchella is easy enough to accomplish in a flowy dress and floral crown. Carry around your cutie (or a fake baby) on one hip, and you've got Kimey covered!



via @lordemusic

This pop star showed up in the music scene late last year and took everyone by storm. Her wild curls are a sure giveaway, and all black attire is something simple you can grab from your own closet. Lorde also loves a dark blackberry lip, so head to your local drug store to find the perfect hue. Whether you're channeling "Royals" or the "Love Club," this teen singer is a sure fire win when it comes to a costume.


Rust Cohle and Marty Hart from 'True Detective'


Yes, this crime solving duo did leave us a bit on the edge of our seats, and at some points even scratching our heads to figure out what was going on. But dressing like them for halloween won't be any mystery after the success of their first season. Since next season is getting a new cast, why not dress like Rust and Marty while they are still fresh in everyones mind. Dress pants, dress shirts and a police badge should do the trick. But you can also make one of your own stick figures, and wo knows it might just help you solve the case.


Miley Cyrus


No, we're not suggesting you recreate wrecking ball like last halloween. This year we're thinking going as Miley could be a bit more... tame. In honor of the singer's dog Floyd, who passed away this year, we're debating recreating this adorable moment. Who doesn't want to bring around their beloved pooch all night. Plus you get to be makeup-free, and looking like you just got out of bed.


Pharrell Williams



"Happy" or not, this sexy singer is the perfect option for halloween. Grab a  simple mens suit or athletic striped zip-up and sweatpants combo, that you can steal from your man or grab at a thrift store. Of course, you can't forget about the Smokey the Bear-esque hat that Pharell made iconic this year. It will complete your look; the taller, the better!


USA World Cup Soccer Team


We believed that this team would make it to the end, and while they didn't quite do that, they played their hearts out. Grab all of your friends, and a few of the teams jerseys (we found ours online), and show your support for our team or any of the sexy players. Or if you still feel like cheering them on, you can paint your face, and dress like one of the crazy fans!

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