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25 Times Clark Griswold Won Christmas

"Where do you think you're going? Nobody's leaving. Nobody's walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We're all in this together!"

I have seen many a Christmas enthusiasts in my life, but no one compares to the legendary Clark W. Griswold (played by Chevy Chase), immortilized in the all-time best Christmas movie ever National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Clark embodies everything that's important about Christmas, and reminds us all why we invest so much of our time and energy during the holiday season. I've rounded up the 25 times Clark Griwsold undoubtedly won Christmas, because how is that even a competition?

1. When he flipped off the redneck truck driver who cut off his station wagon– and tried to cut him off of his jolly family Christmas tree time. 

Via Ghost of Cheney


2. When he took the road less traveled: 

Via Radnar


3. And found the absolute perfect Christmas tree:

Via Radnar


4. When he didn’t let the haters get him down: 

Via tumblr


5. Because he loves Christmas so much, it's scary:

Via Ghost of Cheney


6. And when he finally unveiled the glorious tree in his home: 

Via tumblr


7. When he stuck it to The Man:




Via rebloggy


8. When he met a foxy lady while Christmas shopping and spit some mad game: 

Via tumblr


9. When he hung all 250 strands of twinkling Christmas lights by himself

Via tumblr


10. And left his yuppie neighbors a Secret Santa gift:


Via tumblr


11. When he tried and tried and tried to get his beloved Christmas lights to finally light up.

Via tumblr


12. And they did, and it was glorious: 

Image via Scamanders


13. When he welcomed Cousin Eddie with open arms: 

Image via Beys Old Weave


14.  And let him do his thing in the front yard: 

Via The Mad Thatter 


15. When he greased up his metal sled and shot through the woods like a boss

Via tumblr


16. When he gave Ruby Sue a much-needed pep talk

Via tumblr


17. When he suspected he had been the victim of regifting by Aunt Bethany:

Via tumblr


18. But gave her a lovely shoutout at Christmas dinner regardless: 



Image via Liverde


19. When he carved the delicious Christmas turkey: 

Via tumblr


20. When he wouldn’t take Jelly of the Month club as an acceptable Christmas bonus, and reacted accordingly:

Via tumblr


21. When he went hunting for the squirrel who tried to ruin Christmas:

Via tumblr


22. When he made perhaps the most philosophical observation about Christmas that anyone ever has

Via tumblr


23. But, even amid absolute chaos, he managed to look on the bright side of things

Via tumblr


24. Even when a SWAT team ambushed his home, they couldn’t steal his Christmas spirit:

Via tumblr


25. Because basically, Clark Griswold is everything that’s right with Christmas:

Via tumblr


Via Warner Bros

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