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3 Easy to Follow Healthy Menu Party Tips

When planning a party, you are looking to offer up a scrumptious menu that you'll want your guests to enjoy so much they'll find themselves getting second helpings.

But sometimes, you may pick taste over health and you’ll end up with a calorie and carb filled menu which will live on people’s waistline for months!

With many people becoming a bit more health conscious, plan a party menu that’ll meet everyone’s dietary requirements. Just as you are mindful of the dietary needs of vegetarians or people with food allergies, include a few healthy options for the dieters or those trying to keep it fit.

1. You Can’t Go Wrong With a Veggie Filled Salad

Serving a salad is a universally accepted menu item. Whether people are watching their weight or watching all the food go into their mouths, everyone can appreciate a nice salad.

Health Tip: Keep the dressing on the side. Offer up an oil and vinegar mix in one bowl and a creamy Italian dressing in another. That way people can control which one and how much they want.

2. Appetizers That Won’t be a Diet Debacle

In my book, appetizers are the most evil of party food. First, they tend to be cheese-filled, butter glazed little nibbles of joy. Next thing you know, 8 appetizers later, you’ve had more calories than what you normally have in a single entrée!

Reduce any self-loathing or guilty feelings your guests may have by over indulging in the appetizers. Some simple and guilt-free choices can be combined with the salad above and may be turned into an actual meal. With the small sizes that appetizers tend to be, a savvy health conscious person can assemble a plate of a few options plus the salad, and they are good to go!

Some appetizer ideas include:

Tomato and onion bruschetta topped with lemon juice and cilantro with crisps.

Garlic hummus with homemade pita chips made out of sliced whole wheat tortillas you can slice up and bake.

Find small whole wheat flatbreads baked with low fat shredded cheese and topped with roasted veggies.

Health Tip: Whenever possible, use whole wheat which is more nutritious and keep cheese at a minimum. And remember, never fry! Always bake to avoid oiled down food.

3. Skip the Booze and Serve a Sparkling Punch

It’s no secret that certain alcoholic drinks are full of calories, carbs and loaded with sugar. Drinks are easy to sip and can be disastrous to someone on a diet. Do them a favor and offer up a sparkling punch so they can enjoy a tasty cool drink as they mingle with guests.

Health Tip: Keep your club soda in a punch bowl without adding any juice. Leave a display of various individual packs of a sweetener such as Crystal Light for everyone to choose the flavor of their choice and mix their own punch.

Making small modifications, you can turn your favorite foods into menu items everyone will enjoy. By learning what you can substitute, you can still keep the flavor you’re looking for without sacrificing taste.

Consider one of our healthy party recipes for your next celebration!

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