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Modern Baby Shower Games

Shower games are a time-tested part of the baby shower tradition, though some those games can be pretty embarrassing. Instead of forgoing the tradition altogether, opt for these fun and laid-back shower games!

Name the Baby Food

Name That Baby Food is a great way to introduce the mommy-to-be to the world of mushy, colorful baby cuisine.

Set up a series of bowls and fill them with different types of baby food. You'll want to remove the food from their containers so that you dont give away the answers.

Depending on when you're hosting the baby shower, opt for baby foods that are infused with tastes of the season - i.e. if it's fall, try pumpkin, potato, squash and turkey.

When its time to play, give each contestant a spoon to taste test with and record their guesses. Tally up the correct answers and announce the winner!


Guess The Baby

This idea is a great way to see how well your guests know each other and test their guessing skills. You'll need to ask everyone to bring a baby picture of themselves from under the age of three. You probably want to write this on the invitation and send out a group e-mail the day before to remind everyone!

Then you'll have the guests guess who's who in the shots. Alternate digital idea: Have guests e-mail you their chosen photos in advance, and create a slideshow of all the images to be shown at the shower.

  • Baby pictures
  • Numbered place cards
  • Paper
  • Pens
How to Play

Collect the baby pictures as the guests arrive, shuffle them and lay them out on a large table

Put numbers in front of each picture

Ask guests to go around and write down on which guest goes with which baby picture

Whoever has the most right answers, wins. Give the winner a fun prize!


Mommy-to-be Trivia

For this game, call up the grandma-to-be in advance and do your homework about the expecting mom. Ask as many questions as you can think of about what mom-to-be was like as a child.

What were her quirks? Likes and dislikes? Favorite places, T.V shows, toys, holidays, and vacations? How old was she when she started talking, got her ears pierced, or had her first boyfriend? What did she want to be when she grew up? Then, play a fun, interactive game and ask all of the guests to answer these questions at the shower.

  • White board or chalkboard
  • Trivia questions
How to Play

Ask the trivia questions during the shower and keep score on a whiteboard

If the bridal shower is large, break people up into small teams


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This idea is a way to give the mom-to-be a lasting memory from the shower. All of the guests write up their best piece of advice for the new mom. Let the guests know beforehand that this will happen, so that they can think about their ideas for a while.

Then, on the day of the shower, guests will write down their advice on a piece of colored stationery and read suggestions aloud to the mom-to-be. Afterward, glue the cards into a scrapbook together with photos from the event. 

  • Baby-themed stationery cards
  • Pens
  • Scrapbook or journal

Offer a Name Game

Have fun and help out the soon-to-be-mommy with this name game. If the gender of the baby isn't known, play this game once using girl names and once using boy names. This game can be really fun and it's always interesting to see what names people can come up with! Be sure to encourage guests to get creative!

On a large sheet of paper write the acronym of the mom-to-be's name followed by Autumn Shower down the side (for example, Jessica's Autumn Shower).

Then, hang this paper on the wall or post it to a free standing board.

Go around the room and ask each guest to offer a name for the new baby that begins with each of the letters.

If you have more guests than letter options, have a few people suggest a name for a letter and the group can vote on which one they like best.

Write it alongside the appropriate letter so the mom-to-be can look at it later.

Have the mom-to-be read out her favorites and some of the funnier suggestions you're bound to receive!

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