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34 Reasons Why Harry Potter is Cooler Than You

July 31 marks the official birthday of Harry Potter (the beloved character, not to be confused with Daniel Radcliffe), along with amazing writer J.K. Rowling. To celebrate, were making some Butter Beer, magic wands and re-watching (or re-reading) the magical series. In honor of his 34th birthday, we rounded up 34 ways that Potter is cooler than us. I mean, he lived every day staring death in the face and he still managed to do his homework. What's your excuse?

1. He was "the Boy Who Lived"

via 8tracks.com

2. He has a killer scar.

via sugarquotes.weebly.com

3. He got more snail mail in one day than you will get in your entire life.

via dailyedge.ie

4. He broke a poisonous snake out of a cage.

via harrypotter.wikia.com

5. His best friends are more badass than your best friends.

via harrypotter.wikia.com

6. He has an owl.

via brokenthimble.tumblr.com

7. He gets to attend and live at the coolest school ever  Hogwarts.


8. He's ridiculously generous. He shared his whole cart of magical snacks with others on the train to Hogwarts on his first ride.

via memegenerator.net

9. He was the youngest quidditch player on a house team in a century, and caught the game-winning snitch during his first (ever!) match.

via harini.me

10. He got to ride in a flying car. Flying > driving.

via www.fanpop.com

11. He has an invisibility cloak. Can you walk around looking like a floating head?

via www.switched.com

12. The stairs in his school can change direction.

via bewitchthemind.tumblr.com

13. Got picked from the Goblet of Fire, even though he didn't put his own name in it.

via rebloggy.com

14. He won over his best friend's sister, Ginny Weasly

via www.digitalspy.com

15. He had the most powerful wand in the world, and decided to destroy it.

via moviepilot.com

16. He got loving words from his late parents whenever he needed them.

via shoutitforlife.com

17. He's a Horcrux.

via ldssmile.com

18. He rocks a pair of round-framed glasses, even when in the middle of a battle or while swimming in the Black Lake.

via jeremiahaandrews.com

19. He doesn't have to open, or even read his letters; they read themselves.

via harrypotter.wikia.com

20. He had the best mentor ever. We're still jealous.

via harrypotter.wikia.com

21. He gets to fly around on a broom.

via www.tumblr.com

22. He saved the wizarding world from evil (like, at least 7 times).

via gingerfightback.com

23. He beat Cedric Diggory at something athletic. (Too soon?)

via fanpop.com

24. You Like IPAs? Harry gets to drink Butter Beer, a far superior beverage.

Try out our frozen recipe!


25. Whenever his muggle family annoys him, he can get them back with a spell.

via thisblogrules.com

26. He runs through walls to get to school...sometimes.

via crushable.com

27. He released Dobby, a house elf and dear friend, from a life of abuse by the Malfoys. What a nice guy!

via normaleverydayblog.blogspot.com

28. He started his own army, Dumbledore's Army.

via harrypotter.wikia.com

29. He was part of "the prophecy." and was destined to defeat the Dark Lord from day one.

via wegotthiscovered.com

30. He was in possession of all three Deathly Hallows.

via agiwutaqelol.gloxx.com

31. He is one of the few people who can see Thestrals.

via kissesandchaos.com

32. He gets to serve his detention in a magical forest.

via freetoursbyfoot.com

33. He's in this hillarious GIF.

via ignatius-m.tumblr.com

34. Oh right, and he's a wizard

via knowyourmeme.com

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