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7 Tailgating Drinking Games for a Crowd

On game day, pregame with these fun drinking games perfect for any tailgate party. Old favorites including dizzy bat and flip cup and new games like basket pong are a great way to celebrate before heading into the stadium.

Spring, Summer, Football -- right?

Fall might be the official name of the season following summer, but most Americans will think of the days that begin to turn cold more as football season measured in weekend games, not crisp weeknights.

While some may cheer on professional teams and others will root for the college underdogs, there's one thing American football lovers across the country can agree with - weekend afternoons filled with food, drinks and touchdowns can't arrive soon enough.

Take some of the anticipation out of the kick off wait by playing one of these ultimate football drinking games. Some you'll know, others you might not. Whatever the game of your choice, enjoy responsibly, but fully with the friends, family and fellow fans you love hanging with most.

Dizzy Bat

In the game of dizzy bat, players take turns stepping up to bat but this is not your average at-bat experience.

How to Play: Before playing you must cut a hole in the bottom of a hollow bat. Each time a new player is up you fill the bat with beer.

Once at bat, the batter follows these steps: chug the contents of the bat, bend over so that the bat is touching your forehead and the ground, then spin around in circles several times.

Once you have stopped spinning the pitcher will pitch you an empty beer can that you must try and hit.

The name of this game says it all - it will leave you one dizzy batter. This game is as fun for the players as it is for the observers.

Boozy KanJam

Add some adult tailgating fun to the game of KanJam by integrating alcohol into the rules.

How to play: Apply the original rules of KanJam and add these rules as well. When a team scores 1 or 2 points the opposite team must take 1 sip.

When a team scores 3 points they get to make the opposing team chug while they count to 5, the fun is in taking your time counting!

If a team receives an instant win the opposing team must chug their entire beer.

Follow these rules or create your own either way KanJam is a fulfilled tailgating game.

Beer Pong

Beer pong has become an all time favorite across all legal drinking age groups. Its simple and easy set up will make it a huge hit at any tailgate.

Image via Tailgate Fan

How to Play: To play you set up solo cups in a triangle formation on each side of the table.

Fill the cups with beer (or water for non-alcohol drinkers) and then teams compete to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing teams cups. When a team makes a shot, the other team has to drink the beer in that cup.

Basket Pong

The game of Basket Pong has not been around for long but is predicted to become an instant hit at tailgates. Why? Because it combines basketball and beer pong!

Image via Stylish Gameday

How to Play: Each time you sink a shot in the other team's cups, which sit in a cup holder attached to a basketball hoop like structure, the opposing team must drink. The first team to make it into all the cups wins!

Flip Cup

Supplies? All you need to play this classic tailgate drinking game are some red solo cups and a table; key essentials for any tailgating event. This makes flip cup one of the best tailgating games.

Image via University of Michigan

How to play: Each player fills their solo cup halfway with beer, when the game starts each player races chugs the beer in their cup as fast as possible. Once you finish your beer, place your cup on the edge of the table and lightly push up on the cup so that it flips over and is upside down. Don't flip your cup on the first try? Thats ok keep trying until you get your cup upside down! The first one to flip their cup wins.

Toss it Up - Cornhole with a Twist

Toss it up puts a unique spin on everyones favorite tailgating game, Cornhole. Like Cornhole, the idea is to toss your beanbag into the holes of the wooden board.

Image via Fun Drinking Games

The only difference is, whichever hole your beanbag falls into, will determine who drinks. Toss it up is the perfect combination of two tailgating favorites, cornhole and drinking!

Ladder Golf

To play ladder golf you will need the ladder structure seen on the left along with what is referred to in ladder golf terms as a bola. A bola is basically two balls attached by a piece of rope.

Image via the University of Michigan

How to Play: In ladder golf each player gets to throw three bolas each round at the ladder. The goal is to throw the bola so that it hits the ladder and wraps itself around it. If you are playing this game with adults involve drinking by having players drink every time they do not get their bola on the ladder.

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