Adorable Ideas for a 1st Birthday Photo

Parents and photographers alike have gotten adorably creative when it comes to capturing a baby on his or her first birthday. They'll either take a moment to shoot a photo at the baby’s 1st birthday party to later post online or send in a card or print on a postcard.

Or they'll casually stage a photo shoot at home with a simple digital camera. There’s so many ways you can get creative.

If you’re looking to shoot the perfect photo to remember your baby at this sweet age, we dug around to find some inspiration. These oh-so-adorable ideas certaintly will get the “oohs” and “aahs” you’re looking for!

Baby Who Wants Their Cake!

This beautiful baby featured on Spearmint Baby is about indulging in a little sugar herself. Sitting on her pretty blue highchair with a matching bow, we love the “one” banner draped across the front. The cake is just as cute as the birthday girl!

1st birthday photo idea

A Side by Side Collage

The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood featured this idea with 3 beautiful photos side by side. In each photo, the cute baby is sporting a different pose and smile to along with it while holding each letter from the word “one”. Definitely a cute way to capture their 1st year. 

1st birthday photo with 3 shots side by side

All the Facts, Right in One Phone

A big trend on Pinterest these days are these pretty foam board signs that people are using in their baby’s 1st birthday photos.

1st birthday photo with black foam sign

In metallic ink, you can write out the baby’s birthday, fun facts and other details you’ll want to remember forever including weight and height at that time. Featured here, this is a super cool way to take a baby’s photo.

Whether you choose a theme, include fun props, or have the baby sit with balloons or birthday cake, we're certain your little one will look just adorable. 

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